How much are campsites in New Zealand?

How much are campsites in New Zealand?

Written by mighway

Hiring a campervan and heading on a camping holiday is iconic New Zealand. Throughout the country, you can find over 800 vehicle-accessible campsites. From the north to the south, there is something to suit everyone. But, what really is the cost of campsites in New Zealand? Read our outline and start your campervan hire today!

Holidays parks and campgrounds

When planning your holiday, we recommend deciding what will work best for you and those you are travelling with. Do you require all the facilities including, kitchen, laundry, communal areas, swimming pools? If the answer is yes, holiday parks and campgrounds are for you!

The cost of campsites in New Zealand can vary from your chosen destination, to powered and non-powered, peak and off-peak. As a guide, a powered site for two can range from $35-50 per night. You can then add additional number on top of this base rate. Non-powered sites can range anywhere from $30 to $50 in peak season. We recommend planning your journey ahead of time and making a reservation.

Department of Conservation (DOC) Campsites

The Department of Conservation (DOC) has some of our favourite campsites. Here, you can surround yourself with some of the most incredible scenery, national parks and more. DOC has more than 200 campervan-friendly sites, offering mostly basic facilities such as toilets and water. However, some DOC sites offer showers, communal areas and power.

The cost of a DOC campsite in New Zealand can range from $0-$15 per person. Since these sites are so popular and offer some of the most incredible views, we recommend booking in advance. Check out some of DOC campsites here.

Freedom Camping in New Zealand

It is legal to freedom camp in New Zealand, as long as you are in a self-contained vehicle and follow the freedom camping advice from the region you are travelling. There a plenty of great destinations to park up overnight, and mostly it is free. Some districts may charge a small fee and a permit may be required, but the majority of the time it is free.

If you are freedom camping in New Zealand, we ask that you camp with care and follow the guidelines and recommendations. Here are some ways that you can camp with care in New Zealand.

The cost of campsites in New Zealand will vary depending on your chosen destination. When you hire a campervan, figure out what will work best for you and those you are travelling with and work out your budget. You may decide that you would like to do a combination of holiday parks and campground, DOC sites and freedom camping.