Cost to rent a small campervan

Cost to rent a small campervan

Written by mighway

Campervan rental in New Zealand is a great and affordable way to travel the country. There are so many incredible campsites and facilities dotted around too. From freedom camping to non-powered sites and powered sites, there is just so many to choose from. But, how much does it really cost to rent a small campervan? Here’s a quick overview of what’s involved and how you can prepare for your campervan hire.

Who are you travelling with?

Before you begin your campervan rental in New Zealand, ask yourself who are you travelling with and what do you both need. If you can go without the luxuries while you’re on your road trip, a small campervan will be perfect for you and your travel companion(s).

What to pack with campervan rental

Don’t be fooled when packing for a road trip – especially in a small campervan. Quite often we panic pack, throw in everything we think we may need and it can be overkill. We suggest you really plan out what you need, prepare for each day and use a soft suitcase so that it can be easily stored.

What is your campervan rental budget?

Campervan rental in New Zealand doesn’t need to be expensive. Of course, there are costs that you may forget to factor in such as groceries, campsite costs, petrol or diesel but if you plan ahead you can find a campervan to suit you.

Cost to rent a small campervan

There are many factors that can impact the cost of campervan rental in New Zealand. This can include seasonality, facilities, amenities, year, make and model of the vehicle. So, depending on how luxurious your vehicle needs to be and when you want to travel, the cost to rent a small campervan can vary quite significantly.

A guideline of small campervan rental costs:

  • Peak Season (Dec to Feb): $200 – $450 NZD per day
  • Low Season (June to Aug): $65 – $250 NZD per day
  • Shoulder season includes dates in between peak and low season. These costs will be somewhere in between.

Additional costs with campervan rental

In order to keep costs down, we recommend you plan out your daily expenses and try to stick to your budget. Remember to factor in the costs of activities, diesel or petrol, Road User Charges (also known as RUC), food and campsites. Yes, you can freedom camp (which is free) but you will need to plug in and power up every so often. And, of course, take a shower.

Affordable campsites in New Zealand

We understand that travelling can be expensive, costs can add up quickly. Freedom camping for a couple of nights while on holiday is a great way to keep costs down. You can also use Campable, a platform (just like Mighway) where locals host you. Campable gives you access to awesome and affordable camping and motorhome travel, where you can stay the night on private properties. It’s a great alternative to the more commercial campsites, and we love to support local!

Campervan rental in New Zealand doesn’t have to be expensive. There are so many great way to keep costs to a minimum. Just be prepared, plan your journey ahead of time and stick to your budget. This is a quick guide to the costs to rent a small campervan in New Zealand. Head to Mighway to book your next adventure.