Fun facts about New Zealand

Fun facts about New Zealand

Written by Nicole

New Zealand is a travellers destination, known for it’s crystal-clear lakes, great surf, rolling hills and white-sandy beaches. And, a great way to travel the country is with campervan hire in New Zealand. But, before you begin your big road trip to Aotearoa, the land of the long white cloud, we recommend brushing up and learning some fun facts about New Zealand. So, here are five of our favourites:

1. First country to see the sunrise

Yes, It’s true! New Zealand is the first place in the world to see the sunrise, and it’s truly incredible! So, we recommend Gisborne as your first stop during your campervan hire in New Zealand. Just north of Gisborne, around the coast of Opotiki is where you will watch the world’s first sunrise each day.

Sunrise New Zealand

2. First country to give women the vote

This fun fact is something we’re also incredibly proud of. In 1893, New Zealand was the first country in the world to give women the right to vote. This is all thanks to Kate Sheppard, an iconic woman who gathered 30,000 signatures for parliament. You can also find Kate Sheppard on the New Zealand $10 note. Following this great moment in history, New Zealand was also the first to have three positions held in parliament by amazing women – Helen Clark, Sian Elias and Silvia Cartwright.

3. First commercial bungee jump in the world

Before you begin your campervan hire in New Zealand, do you consider yourself as an adventure enthusiast? If so, New Zealand is the destination for you. In 1988, Aj Hackett invented the first commercial bungee jump from the Kawarau Bridge. You can find this bungee in the adventure capital, Queenstown.

4. Where is the clearest water in the world

Believe it or not, New Zealand is also known for having the clearest waters in the world! Currently, ‘Rotomairewhenua’ which means ‘Lake of Peaceful Lands’, or more commonly known as the Blue Lake, in Nelson Lakes National Park, has the world record for the clearest waters. With visibility of up to 80 metres, it is truly a sight for sore eyes.

5. Jedi is a religion in New Zealand

Star Wars has one of the largest following in film history and captured the hearts of many fans. So much so, that in 2001, the New Zealand Census recorded over 50,000 Kiwis who considered themselves to be following the “Jedi” religion. This made it the second highest religion in the country! How cool is that.

New Zealand is truly a spectacular destination, and these are just a few fun facts that make the country so unique. So, what are you waiting for? Start exploring New Zealand today!