Motorhome Owners: Dave & Michelle Umbers

Motorhome Owners: Dave & Michelle Umbers

Written by mighway

Based in Rotorua, Dave and Michelle Umbers rent out their motorhome through Mighway. Dave comes from a corporate background, owning a real estate business, and has been customer-facing for the majority of his career. Dave and Michelle go above and beyond for their guests, which is why we believe they have been so successful with renting out their motorhome. Here’s Dave and Michelle’s story.

We first got involved after having an expensive caravan for three years and not getting as much use out of it that we thought we would. So we bought the Motorhome and sold the caravan with the intention of it being available for hire 365 days a year. We treated it like a business from day one in the sense that customer service and vehicle presentation was really high in our priorities. We offered pick up and drop off options at Auckland and Rotorua at no charge which has worked really well. We like the personal interaction with our clients and we try to be as far from corporate mentality as we can. We provide gifts of food and chocolate in the fridge on pick up and spend as long as needed to show people how things work. Our listing also has a 3D walkthrough tour on it so people can get a really good look at it before they book. We believe this has been a very positive move and has created more bookings than we ever imagined. 

There is nothing better than great Kiwi hospitality, and that is exactly what Dave and Michelle offer. To make sure their guests are enjoying a hassle-free New Zealand holiday, they make themselves available at all times, offer travel tips and encourage their guests to explore the best of New Zealand.

We believe that New Zealand is not just about the scenery but also guests meeting Kiwis and feeling welcome in our country. But, now that New Zealand is a different place than a few months ago, we intend to use our motorhome more for ourselves and be a tourist in our own country.

To further accommodate their guests, Dave and Michelle have made their vehicle available for pick-up in both Auckland and Rotorua at no additional cost.

Guests also have the option of picking up from Auckland or Rotorua at no additional cost. We believe that New Zealand is not just about the scenery, but it’s about meeting Kiwis and making our guests feel welcome. 

If you’re searching for the perfect New Zealand getaway, departing from Auckland or Rotorua, get in touch with Dave and Michelle Umbers. You can view their vehicle below:

Pick-up Rotorua: Travel Bug Rotorua
Pick-up Auckland: Travel Bug Auckland

Motorhome Owners: Dave and Michelle Umbers
Motorhome Owners: Dave and Michelle Umbers