Benefits peer-to-peer motorhome rental

Benefits peer-to-peer motorhome rental

Written by mighway

In recent months, Kiwis are starting to explore more of Aotearoa and try something new. It’s encouraging to see that we’re excited to uncover new experiences and see the best of New Zealand. And, we truly believe that campervan hire in New Zealand is one of the best ways to do this. So, why not try peer-to-peer motorhome rental? Rent direct from a local Kiwi owner and learn all the tip-top secrets of local spots and another great benefit is that you don’t have to pack much at all! Here’s why we love campervan hire and renting from a local owner!

Peer-to-peer motorhome rental

At Mighway, we believe the best bits of an adventure lie in the unexpected. Sharing travel secrets with like-minded explorers and stopping for ice cream along the way is what makes the journey that much sweeter. Our goal is to create unforgettable memories and experiences, for all travellers! And, peer-to-peer motorhome rental is exactly that.

Sharing an owners vehicle is quite different from a commercial operator. Their vehicle is a representation of them. They include small touches that reflect their personality, and they might even provide you with freshly baked goods on arrival. So, why wouldn’t you try campervan hire in New Zealand this way?

Peer-to-peer and what’s included:

Hassle-free travel is what we love most, and that’s why we strongly believe that peer-to-peer motorhome rental is a great choice. Not only are you able to save on added costs of accommodation and hiring a car, but you don’t have to overpack. So, here’s what’s included in your campervan hire in New Zealand when you rent with Mighway:

Kitchen equipment:

The best part about being on the road and having your little apartment go everywhere you do, is cooking at local campgrounds and saving money instead of eating out. Our local owners include everything that you might need for your big journey.

  • Pots and pans
  • Cutlery
  • Plates
  • Drinking glasses
  • Chopping boards
  • and more

Depending on the vehicle, our owners may include other “nice-to-haves”, such as oil, salt and pepper and milk.


Forget about remembering to pack the sheets, towels and tea towels. These are all included with your hire! After each drop-off, our owners make sure that their vehicles and in tip-top shape for their next hire too. So, you know that you will have a nice clean space for when you hire a campervan in New Zealand.


With peer-to-peer motorhome rental you often have the choice to include add-ons with your purchase. These can range from kayaks, scooters, bicycles and much more!

Renting a campervan from a local Kiwi owner is a unique and exciting experience. Your vehicle is more likely to include personal touches and added extras. Share travel stories with like-minded explorers and learn about all the top spots from our local owners. So, where will you head on your next adventure?