How to use a dump station

How to use a dump station

Written by mighway

Campervan hire in New Zealand is undoubtedly the best way to explore the country. There are so many incredible options available, and with plenty of room to accommodate the entire family! But, before you head off on your big adventure, are familiar with your vehicle? Here’s what you need to know about campervan hire in New Zealand and how to use a dump station.

How to use a dump station

If this is your first time hiring a campervan, it can be a little unnerving trying to figure out where everything goes and how to use it. This quick breakdown of how to use a dump station should help to settle some nerves.

As you know dump stations are essential when travelling in a motorhome, unless you’re avoiding the campervan toilet or together or campervan. And, to protect our beautiful environment and public health, it’s important that you dispose of your waste properly. Below we have provided you with some helpful hints, and a video to show you how to remove your waste. The CamperMate app is also a great tool to help you find dump stations around New Zealand, as well as top spots for freedom camping. Download the App to get started.  

  • Fresh Water – This is safe for you to drink/potable water.
  • Grey Water – Water from your sink or shower.
  • Black Water – Waste from your toilet (non-potable).
  • Toilet Cassette – This holds your black water and is a removable tank.
  • Grey Water/Black Water Evacuation Hose – This connects your tanks to the dump station.

Petrol or Diesel

A common mistake that is made when hiring a campervan is filling the vehicle with the incorrect fuel type. If you’re hiring a vehicle from a local owner, double check which fuel type your vehicle requires. The last thing you want to do is spoil your trip and have to get the tank pumped – this can be an expensive mistake too!

Road User Charges (RUC)

When you hire a campervan in New Zealand, you may be required to pay a Road User Charge (RUC). These charges are required if the motorhome/campervan you hire is a diesel vehicle or non-petrol fuelled vehicle. This fee goes towards maintaining and improving New Zealand roads. Petrol vehicles don’t require RUC due to already paying tax.

Driving in New Zealand

If you’re travelling from overseas, driving in New Zealand may be new to you. It’s important to remember that you have a large vehicle, so be considerate as well as cautious while driving on New Zealand roads. New Zealand is known for its windy roads, so take it slow and pullover for other drivers when it is safe to do so and let them pass.

If this is your first time driving in New Zealand, remember to keep to the left side of the road at all times. This rule also applies when you’re heading into a passing lane, stay left unless you intent on passing. This is one of the most important things to note when hiring a campervan and driving in New Zealand.

Travelling New Zealand in a campervan is the greatest way to explore. Before you hit the road, read our tips on campervan hire in New Zealand and follow our easy steps on how to use a dump station.