Robert’s Top New Zealand Destinations

Robert’s Top New Zealand Destinations

Written by mighway

I have had the pleasure of visiting some stunning locations in New Zealand. The diversification of what you can do and see throughout New Zealand is amazing. The Bay of Islands and the winterless North, the great lake in Taupo, Queenstown for amazing views and activities such as skiing,  AJ Hackett bungy and skydive. Rotorua for Maori culture and unusual geo-thermal activity. Below are some of my favourite New Zealand spots, including Franz Josef, Taupo and Waitomo Caves.

Franz Josef

Franz Josef a small town located halfway down the West Coast of the South Island. It is a stunning location, not least because of the crisp mountain air, rainforests, waterfalls and walks. It is home to a Franz Josef Glacier; to see the glacier is a unique experience for most people but the opportunity to take a helicopter up to a drop off point on the Glacier and spend a couple of hours hiking around moving ice is a truly unique & awesome experience!! Bucket list!


Located in central North Island, Taupo is a great place to visit and has loads to offer around accommodation, restaurants, bars and activities such as walking, fishing, skydive, bungy, jet boat ride to name a few. The huge lake offers trout fishing which is well worth doing. If you are fishing you are required to buy a license, these are flexible, you can purchase a day pass, weekend pass etc. Licenses can be purchased at local fishing tackle shops. Huka Falls crystal-blue water is stunning, you can walk from the falls around the Waikato river and back into town, a walk definitely worth doing.

Another day trip via one of the many boat charters is the Mine Bay Maori Rock Carving on the lake. A huge rock carving which caused some controversy among Maroi on whether it should be permitted or not . The master carver Matahi Whaktaka-Brightwell is apparently adding more detail to the carving in the near future.

Waitomo Glowworm Caves

If you have yet to visit, add it to your list. Home to thousands of Arachnocampa Luminosa a.k.a Glowworms. The tour begins above ground and as you enter on foot you slowly descend deep into the limestone cave. An informative guided tour takes you through small crevices and larger chambers which takes around an hour to complete. The Glowworms are larvae of the fungus gnats, and it emits a bioluminescent light to attract its prey, other insects. At the end of the tour, you hop into a boat and in darkness you silently make your way under thousands of glowworms which is a spectacular sensory experience. 

By Robert Heavy