Tanmai’s Top New Zealand Destinations

Tanmai’s Top New Zealand Destinations

Written by Nicole

Milford Sound, New Zealand

No matter how many times one visits Milford Sound, the place looks more beautiful and astounding every time.

Driving down to Milford treats the eye with picturesque spots and the astounding numerous glacier-fed waterfalls that drops jaw of the admirer.

On board the cruise, if one is at the deck would feel cold breeze and gusts of wind thrilling the nature seeker. The spray of water as the boat approaches the majestic waterfall rejuvenates us and is an entirely different encounter with nature.

Admiring dolphins swimming around the boat and watching colonies of seals on the rocks is a brilliant sight. The place unequivocally is a blissful delight.

Mount Maunganui, New Zealand

A must-go ‘Summer Destination’ – It’s an icing on the cake if you visit in the month of February as you could see many cruise-ships docked at the harbour or encircling the isthmus and tourists flocking in the local markets trying to grab a coffee or a beer mug just shooting their sea sickness away. With a special mention to the majestic cruise – ‘Ovation of The Seas’ if one happens to be fortunate to witness its enormous deck and structure drops jaws in awe.

Whether walking around the base of the mount or hiking up to the summit , both are iconic. Not too strenuous but a good hike for all generations.

The hilly track undoubtedly leaves us slightly drained but the view from the top of the mount is ecstatic. One can see the houses in the city on the narrow strip of land flanked by waters on both sides and mesmerising view from the top which makes the 45 minute hike worth the exercise even on a hot day.

Queenstown New Zealand

By Tanmai Sharma