Te Arai Beach, North Island, New Zealand

Te Arai Beach, North Island, New Zealand

Written by Nicole

New Zealand offers something for every adventurer. It has plenty of sun, sand, surf, snow-capped mountains and rugged coastlines. And, the best part is, you never have to travel far. 

To date, one of the most beautiful spots that I have stumbled upon is Te Arai Point. It’s not the easiest destination to reach, but maybe that’s what makes it so perfect. It’s not overcrowded with every man and his dog, just those who are willing to make the 100km drive from Auckland and down the winding gravel roads. 

Te Arai Beach hosts surfers, stand-up paddleboarders, sun-seekers, horse riders and weddings year-round. It has the most perfect stretch of white sand beach and crystal-clear pools, where you can jump feet first. 

It’s a lot less crowded than its neighbouring beaches, but that could be because it’s a little more off the grid. So, if you’re looking for the perfect tropical getaway (within NZ), you don’t have to travel far.

Te Arai Beach NZ

By Nicole Gilmour