Auckland Eats Available for Pick-Up & Delivery During Level 3

Auckland Eats Available for Pick-Up & Delivery During Level 3

Written by mighway

Some of us are born to be in the kitchen and some of just aren’t, and it can often be a recipe for disaster (quite literally). For the last month, we’ve been cooking up a storm, baking more frequently and getting more creative than usual with our meals. Now that we have moved into Level 3, fast-food chains and local restaurants have opened back up for contactless pick-up and delivery. That doesn’t mean we have to permanently put down the utensils, just time for a quick break. So, what are the best takeaways in Auckland and what have you been craving most? Below, we break down five food delivery services in Auckland that are now open for business as (un)usual.


The queen bee of all fast-food chains. The golden arches have been calling your name for the last four weeks, and now it’s time to take the kids through the drive-through and sink your teeth into that cheese burger you’ve been longing for. McDonald’s have opened their drive-through and are ready to take your order, although their menu is limited, so don’t be expecting a frozen coke or a shake anytime soon.


Burger King

The king is back! Now you can satisfy your cravings as all Burger King’s with drive-throughs have opened their windows to the public. Plan your journey ahead time though, because we’ve heard a rumour that the lines are running for miles!

Burger Fuel

One of our favourite burger spots in town; Burger Fuel is here with contactless kerbside pick-up or delivery, at selected stores. This is at the top of our list, as the homemade kumara fries weren’t quite cutting it.


The finger-licking goodness is back, and with a vengeance. So, what will you start with? A snack box or enough wicked wings to feed a small army (all for yourself of course). KFC is open for contactless drive-through, as well as contactless delivery.

KFC new zealand

Sals – Authentic New York Pizza

Have you been whipping up homemade pizzas, dough and all? Well, it’s time to put the flour away and pop down to your local Sals. These guys are ready to serve you your favourite New York Pizza; through a window for click and collect, Uber Eats delivery or Sals delivery.