Keeping Your Space Clean During Lockdown

Keeping Your Space Clean During Lockdown

Written by mighway

While New Zealand is in lockdown, we’re trying to keep ourselves busy and entertained with all sorts of chores, virtual gatherings, gardening, quarantine cleaning and of course eating! The most important part of all of this is to stay healthy. So, we have put together a few good housekeeping cleaning tips to keep you healthy and your space clean.

Wipe down in lockdown

To maintain a clean and germ-free space, we suggest keeping your work area and home in general, clutter free. This will make it easier to wipe down surfaces, including your work station, laptop and phone at the end of each day.

Order throughout the house is also important, as the goal is to reduce and kill germs. Clean all surfaces with a good quality disinfectant after use and a BIG clean is recommended at the end of the week.

Teamwork makes clean work

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with your workload and maintaining the housework, delegate. Get the kids involved, make housework a fun afternoon activity. Otherwise, ask your partner nicely to help out. Once they get involved, make sure you praise, praise, praise. This might make it easier the next time you ask.

Supermarket outing

If you’re making an outing to the supermarket, we suggest water, soap, repeat. Anything you may have touched during your outing, including your eftpos card, wallet, phone or keys should be washed thoroughly.

It’s also important that you nominate one household member to do your supermarket shopping. This helps to reduce the spread of bacteria. And, before you unload your groceries, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, don’t touch your face and fill your sink up to wash your fruit and vegetables. You can never be too safe!

Indoor plants

We all know that indoor plants took off and became all the rage, and it couldn’t have happened sooner. There are so many benefits to having a dash of green sprinkled throughout your home, and not only for aesthetics. Indoor plants clean the air by absorbing toxins and produce oxygen. They are also mood boosters, increase your productivity, creativity and concentration. So, litter your home with the little green gems!

Good housekeeping cleaning tips

The loo

The dreaded loo. This is one task no-one looks forward to cleaning. But, it has never been so important. We recommend removing any items that people are likely to touch in this little space, such as magazines and books. The less bacteria, the better. The loo is possibly the one space that needs to be constantly cleaned. Make sure you’re washing down the flusher, door handles, window handles, toilet seat and even the toilet roll holder with a good quality disinfectant.

Stay on top of the washing

It’s really important that household items, which get a lot of use, such as hand towels, tea towels and kitchen cloths are regularly washed. These need to a hot, soapy wash at least three or four times a week. There’s no point in wiping down your kitchen bench with a dirty cloth.

These are just a few simple tips to help you maintain cleanliness throughout your house. Simple steps that the whole family can get involved in.