Things to do in Christchurch and Akaroa

Things to do in Christchurch and Akaroa

Written by Nicole

Christchurch and Akaroa are two of the nicest destinations in New Zealand, as well as the best for caravan hire in New Zealand. With exciting activities, great places to eat and gorgeous natural scenery, Christchurch and Akaroa are can’t miss spots on your New Zealand tour. But what specific attractions should you visit in these locations, and which campervan parks are the best to stay in while you’re there? Here is a quick guide to caravan hire in Christchurch and Akaroa.

Things to do

Barry’s Bay

Some of the best that New Zealand has to offer can be found on the road between Christchurch and Akaroa. Barry’s Bay, for example, is famous for its handmade cheeses, including gouda, cheddar, harvati and maasdam. Go there for the cheese and stay to watch the cheese making process. Plus, while you’re eating you can enjoy a stunning view of the nearby water.


Meanwhile, if you’re more of a beach dweller, you can head to Wainui beach for a day in the sun. With hundreds of small pockets of water along the shore, you’re guaranteed to find all sorts of fascinating sea life. Then, if you want, you can take a boat or kayak on the water and enjoy the ocean breeze.

DuVauchelle Bay

Named after the two brothers who owned the land way back in the 1840s, Duvauchelle Bay is an excellent spot to explore both French culture and New Zealand history. With many buildings and landmarks that have stood for nearly a century, this bay is perfect for people interested in the past of this great country. There’s also a nearby golf course amid some beautiful scenery where you can spend the afternoon. This is the perfect destination with caravan hire in New Zealand.

Motorhome and caravan parks to stay at

As for caravan hire in New Zealand and finding places to stay around Christchurch and Akaroa, you’re definitely not short on choices. The Little River Campground, for example, is one of the most googled campgrounds in New Zealand. It’s also near the Little River Rail Trail, a biking trail that follows one of New Zealand’s earliest railroad tracks. Another excellent choice is North South Holiday Park. North Shore Holiday Park is just a five minute drive from Christchurch International Airport, and is perfect for dog owners and children of all ages. With free wifi, a swimming pool, BBQ areas and a playground, this campsite has a lot to offer.

New Zealand is loaded with fun sights and activities from top to bottom, but if you can only fit Christchurch and Akaroa into your trip, you’ll still find yourself with more to see than you could in a lifetime. So next time you have a break from work, rent a campervan and experience New Zealand like never before.