New Zealand’s Most Popular Cities

New Zealand’s Most Popular Cities

Written by Nicole

Thinking of visiting New Zealand? Here are five great reasons that you should do a campervan hire in New Zealand! Make time to visit five of New Zealand’s most popular cities, all of which started out as Maori villages and are now hustling and bustling tourist destinations. Let’s get started!


Auckland is New Zealand’s largest city. Its natural harbours on the Pacific Ocean and Tasman Sea make this north shore destination a top site for tourists. The Maori called Auckland ‘Tāmaki Makaurau’, which translates to ‘a woman desired by hundreds of lovers’. When you visit, you will see the volcanic landscape, 50 offshore islands and breathtaking beaches and coastline, and understand why. The city is also a vibrant culturally-diverse place with arts and shopping. You won’t want to miss it.


Wellington also has Maori roots. You can survey the city from the top of scenic Mount Victoria just like the Maori did long ago. You’ll love the city’s 19th-century architecture, bustling downtown area, museums and more. Make sure to take a visit to Karori Wildlife Sanctuary; we recommend the night tour to meet some of New Zealand’s most well-known animals.


Tauranga is known for its North Island beaches of golden sand. If you love outdoor activities, Tauranga is a must-see destination. Swim in the beautiful Kaiate Falls swimming hole, or swim with the Bay of Plenty dolphins. Enjoy water sports like kiteboarding, surfing or white water rafting. Tauranga is also a great golfing and hiking destination.


Christchurch is named for its sister city in Dorset, England. It is not only the gateway to New Zealand’s spectacular Canterbury region, but also the gateway to a visit to Antarctica if that suits your fancy. You can do a Christchurch caravan hire to explore these gateways. Christchurch is filled with both arts and adventure. Explore the natural beauty of its peaks and vistas, or explore the wonderful central city.


Last but not least is Hamilton, a city that also has Maori roots. The Maori name for Hamilton is Kirikiriroa, and it is New Zealand’s largest city in the Waikato region. You won’t want to miss Hamilton Gardens, the city’s most popular tourist attraction. It is a public park with 54-hectares of open lawns, gardens, a lake and even a convention center. More than one million people visit each year and you will want to be one of them! The 21 gardens represent different civilizations, beliefs and traditions of New Zealand. It is truly a unique and spectacular must-do activity.

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There you have it — five reasons for campervan hire in New Zealand. You won’t want to miss these amazing destinations. Enjoy your trip.