Easy Meal Ideas While On The Road

Easy Meal Ideas While On The Road

Written by Nicole

It can be hard to get inspiration for meals when you’re travelling. You don’t have the luxury of kitchen or fridge space, utensils, or ingredients. But, why let that stop you from whipping up something the whole family will love? Try out our recipes for easy meals on a road trip, whether you’re hiring a campervan or taking your much loved vehicle out for the week. These recipes are enough to inspire anyone.


A portable BBQ is an essential in any motorhome or campervan. You don’t need anything fancy, or the biggest on the block, just something that will provide you with incredible barbecued goods. Stop by the local supermarket or butcher and pick up some steaks, sausages, or chicken. For the vegetarians grilled vegetables are the best!

Tzatziki chicken kebabs

One of the easier meals to prepare, yet so delicious! Chicken kebabs will appeal to everyone in the family and are even perfect for leftovers the next day. Soak your skewers in water, then load them up with sliced chicken, your favourite vegetables and serve with rice or salad. Drizzle the chicken skewers with tzatziki and you are ready to serve. This is a perfect, easy meal when you hire a campervan and are unsure of what to cook on the road.


You simply cannot beat a classic burger. This will go down well with the entire family or a group of friends – an absolute crowd pleaser! It’s a great easy meal to prepare right from your motorhome, all you have to is fire up the grill. Choose your choice of meat or vegetarian option and stack your burgers high with tomatoes, lettuce, red onion, cheese, tomato sauce and mustard. The perfect meal for a road trip!

Red Curry

This one pot wonder is perfect for those cooler nights in your campervan. All you need is a hob, a pan and your ingredients. This is a simple road trip meal but full of flavour. What you need: chicken, vegetables, red curry paste, a can of coconut milk. If you love spice, try adding some chili to turn up the heat.

Sometimes it can be difficult to get creative when you’re limited with space and utensils. But, these fantastic, easy meal ideas are enough to keep everyone happy while hiring a motorhome or camping. Get inspired and start cooking!