Top New Zealand Events in March

Top New Zealand Events in March

Written by mighway

New Zealand is a busy country year-round. There is a wide variety of events that range from music festivals to street vendor gatherings, and more. This becomes especially true in March when autumn begins to set place in the country. The temperature is cooled down following the summer, but the weather is still fantastic and suitable for all sorts of outdoor activities. With that in mind, let’s look at some of the current events around New Zealand throughout March. Rent a campervan and start exploring these great events!

Auckland Vegan Food Festival

March 8th, 2020

As people continue to go vegan in countries around the world, the trend is alive and well in New Zealand. One vegan-friendly event that is a must-see is the Auckland Vegan Food Festival. The event is run by the Auckland Food Truck Collective and is back for its second year. There are all sorts of delicious meals available as well as plant-based clothing and other products. The festival will be held on March 8th at the Corban Estate Arts Center.

New Zealand Festival of the Arts

March 8th, 2020

If cultural arts is your thing, the New Zealand Festival of the Arts is right up your alley. The event takes place at The Opera House in Wellington and is running now through March 8th. This is a current event in New Zealand, with the festival suitable for people of all ages. It includes amazing performances of theatre, dance, music, and more.


March 14th, 2020

Keeping with the theme of festivals, MarchFest is a craft beer and music festival that will take place on March 14th in Founders Heritage Park. One of the biggest hop growing regions in the South Island, Nelson, hosts sellout crowds of over 4000 people each year to taste beer that has not yet been released to the public. If you love the feeling of being the first to try something, you can’t miss this!

Artists Open Studios and Festival of Glass

March 21 & 22, 28, 29, 2020

Whanganui is one of the most artistically-rich areas in New Zealand, and this two-weekend event is the best way to experience the community. Here you will get to meet some of the best artists in the region first-hand as well as see their creative process. You will also get to see historic art studios and much more. The event is held on March 21st and 22nd as well as March 28th and 29th.

How To Do It All

These events are just a few of the many activities and festivals to experience in March. A great way to be a part of as much as possible is to travel the country by campervan! Renting a campervan and traversing the beautiful New Zealand landscape is a great way to involve yourself in as many events as possible.