5 Tips for Campervan Travelling

5 Tips for Campervan Travelling

Written by Nicole

Choosing where you want to go on holiday is an adventure in itself. You can be assured that you will not be disappointed when you choose campervan hire in New Zealand. As you contemplate the supplies you will need, activities you will do and sights you will see. So, to help you prepare for your adventure, we have come up with some campervan travel tips.

Use Backpacks Instead of Suitcases

One way to make your excursions more enjoyable is to pack your belongings in a backpack instead of suitcases. Backpacks lack frames, which makes them easier to fit into narrower spots unlike suitcases. You can also take these backpacks on hikes, bike rides and the like.

Read Up on Driving Etiquette

You may not consider this as a priority when deciding your itinerary, but you will be grateful for it when you are on the road. Chances are, driving in New Zealand will be different than travelling through your hometown. Check out the Drive Safe website for New Zealand or one of Mighway.com’s articles about driving safe that will give you information about the country’s winding roads and driver etiquette.

Look into Campsites

Even though part of the thrill of travelling in a campervan is the spontaneity of when and where you will stop, it is wise to look into campsites ahead of time. Booking a campsite in advance is always a good idea, especially during the peak season (mid-December through February). The basic necessity campsites are owned by the Department of Conservation (DOC) while private owners usually run the more luxurious campsites equipped with showers, wifi and laundry facilities.

Allow for Driving Time

Even with maps and road signs, you should plan on scheduling more time for driving in your trip than you expect. You will be on unfamiliar roads with varying road conditions. That is to say nothing of traffic, campervan problems or unpredictable weather conditions that may slow you down.

Take Plenty of Supplies

When you make your list of supplies to pack, make sure you consider what you will need as far as bedding and cookware. If your campervan is not equipped with utensils, plates, bowls or a gas cooker, make sure you take the time to determine what you need so you will have everything you need.

When you follow these tips we have outlined above, you will have an even better time touring through New Zealand whether you go to Milford Sound or the glow worm caves of Waitomo.