How Much is it to Rent a Small Motorhome?

How Much is it to Rent a Small Motorhome?

Written by Nicole

Feel like you need to get away for a little bit? Why not rent a small motorhome during your next vacation. A motorhome can save you money on hotels and food, choose from a wider array of places to spend the night and explore more than you would be able to while travelling the traditional way. Taking a motorhome up to a lake or campground is an activity almost anyone can enjoy, but how much does it cost to rent a motorhome? Here are some of the general prices of motorhome rentals in New Zealand, and some information to keep in mind before paying.      

What is a Small Motorhome?

In terms of motorhomes, a small one would usually be in the class B or class C categories. A class B motorhome looks like an oversized van, which is why they’re sometimes referred to as campervans. It has a kitchen, bathroom, living space and double bed in the rear. A class C motorhome is built mostly like class B motorhomes, except they are taller and have a berth built over the cab. 

Average Cost of Renting a Small Motorhome

There are numerous variables that may affect the final price, but generally a class B or C motorhome will cost between 70 dollars and 150 dollars a night. Also, for every km you drive over a certain limit, there will be a Road User Charge for all diesel vehicles. A week long vacation in a class C motorhome that’s driven 700 miles should ultimately cost between 800 and 2000 dollars. Alternatively, you could rent a travel trailer, which you could get for 350 to 600 dollars per week. Travel trailers are much cheaper, but you need a car that’s able to tow it.

Tips for Saving Money

The cost to rent a motorhome is already a relatively inexpensive way to travel. However, if you want to save even more money, here are tips to keep in mind. First, if possible, try not to rent during peak season when demand is high and supply is low. Bargain prices can more readily be found throughout the slower months. Also, if you bring your own amenities you may be able to cut additional fees. Finally, take pictures of all previously existing dings and scratches on the motorhome before you take it out to make sure that the owner can’t hit you with any damage charges.

Motorhome vacations make great memories that last for years. Many people dream of going on a road trip in a motorhome, but never do because they think they can’t afford it. Though, more and more people are realising how inexpensive motorhomes are to rent and taking the trip of a lifetime, and you can too. Just take some time to look through the cheapest options and head out on the open road.