7-Day Campervan Trip in New Zealand

7-Day Campervan Trip in New Zealand

Written by Nicole

The best way to travel New Zealand is by campervan. There are so many advantages to renting a campervan like not having to rent a car at the airport or hassling with renting a hotel room. That is to say nothing of the freedom you feel with the road ahead of you with adventures awaiting. Here is a list of places to visit for a 7-day long trip on the south island.

Milford Sound

One site that should definitely be on your list if you travel New Zealand by campervan is Milford Sound. This amazing body of water is deep within the Fiordland National Park. Mountain peaks rise from the water and pure waterfalls descend to the deep depths of the sound. You can go kayaking, stargazing or sailing over the rippling water. With all the things to do, it will be easy to spend a full day there.

The Chasm Walk

This little detour is worth a stop and a great place to stretch your legs with this 400m walk. The track that leads to the chasm is well-maintained and surrounded by forest and wildlife. The Cleddau River formed The Chasm’s impressive waterfalls.

Te Anau Glowworm Caves

New Zealand is known for magical “glow worm” caves with the most popular one being the Waitomo caves on the North Island. Do not worry if you are only traveling in your campervan on the South Island because there are the Te Anau Glowworm caves which are simply unforgettable. Professional tour guides take you on a two hour tour either at night or during the day. For more information about what is included in the tour, click here.

Horse Trekking

If you want to rely on four hooves instead of four wheels for an afternoon, you should consider going horseback riding. One great company on the South Island is Ben Lomond Horse Trekking. They have both overnight and daytime rides, so you can have your dream experience. This farm comprises acres of valleys and forests. In addition to the scenery, you can spot cows, Merinos sheep, ducks and wild goats.

These are just a few of the experiences you can have on your 7-day long trip to New Zealand. Travelling New Zealand by campervan is wonderful because you can see more with bringing your bed, kitchen and food with you instead of always having to backtrack to your hotel.