Where to Eat in Rotorua

Where to Eat in Rotorua

Written by Nicole

Rotorua is a fantastic destination for travellers and New Zealanders alike. The town is located in New Zealand’s North Island and is set right by Lake Rotorua, the nation’s second-largest lake. There are plenty of Rotorua attractions, including backpacking, mountain biking, and various lake activities. Of course, the food and dining scene is top tier with tons of delicious eateries. Rent a motorhome in New Zealand and take a look at where to grab the best grub in Rotorua.

Atticus Finch

This place is highly regarded in terms of New Zealand cuisine. Atticus Finch is a modern bistro that encourages conversation and social engagement along with your meal. The menu boasts a diverse array of flavourful plates along with craft beer and wine. With a 4.6 star review on Google and affordable pricing, this place is just too good to pass up!

Eat Street

Looking for a more open food scene? Come on down to Eat Street. This place is like it sounds, a street full of different restaurants and dining options that are sure to provide something for everyone’s appetite. A blend of cultural cuisine can be found here, ranging from Indian to Italian entrees.

Te Puia

Perhaps the most scenic place to eat in Rotorua is Te Puia. The area is a Maori Arts and Crafts Institute that offers tours of the area along with the top-notch dining experience. The main restaurant is complemented by various cafes as well. Trip Advisor also rates Te Puia at 4.5 stars to help bolster its resume. There are tons of geothermal attractions to observe here, so be sure to check this place out.

Capizzi Pizzeria

Every city has a go-to pizza place, and Rotorua is no different. Capizzi Pizzeria is one of the best, if not, the best pizzeria the town has to offer. Whole pizzas can be bought along with by-the-slice purchasing options. They also sell salads, desserts, and beer along with the delicious pizza. Google has Capizzi rated at 4.3 stars.

Mokoia Restaurant

Of course, you will want to try indigenous cuisine when travelling in New Zealand. Mokoia offers a contemporary menu that features a higher end lunch and dinner menu. Fresh meat and seafood are the popular options here along with a full vegetarian menu as well. It’s not the cheapest eatery in town, but with a 4.2-star rating, Mokoia will not disappoint. In addition, Makoia is located right on the lake and provides a view that rivals that of Te Puia.