What to do in the Bay of Plenty

What to do in the Bay of Plenty

Written by Nicole

The Bay of Plenty in the North Island of New Zealand is a highly adored vacation destination by both tourists and Kiwis alike. Stretching all the way from the Coromandel Peninsula to Cape Runaway, the Bay of Plenty has much to offer visitors in terms of history, culture and natural scenery. Here is a list of what to do in the Bay of Plenty with campervan hire in New Zealand.

Mt. Maunganui

One of the most famous mountains in New Zealand, Mt. Maunganui is an iconic landmark of the Bay of Plenty that you won’t want to miss. Just a forty minute hike to the top and you’ll be greeted with a stunning view of the white sand beaches of the Tauranga Harbour, as well as the wooded Kaimai Ranges. Even if you don’t want to hike to the top, it’s still a marvel circling around its base. 

Rotorua’s Geysers

An equally exciting attraction, the Geysers in Rotorua make for some great photographs. The result of thousands of years of volcanic activity occurring underground, watching these geysers explode high up into the air is a pulse-pounding experience.  

Papamoa Beach

For surfing, fishing, swimming and kayaking, Papamoa Beach is the perfect spot to spend the afternoon. Whether you want to lay out on its pristine white sands and enjoy a book, or let loose and kite surf on its blue waters, Papamoa Beach can accommodate you. 

White Island

One of the closest volcanoes you can approach in the world, White Island is home to this powerful force of nature. From Whakatane, you can take a boat tour and get up close and personal with the geothermal activity on this island. You can also appreciate the diverse marine life and the islands collection of Pohutukawa trees as well. 

Motu Trails

From the eastern section of the Bay of Plenty all the way to the city of Gisborne, the Motu Trails are one of the longest and most attractive rides in New Zealand. With multiple routes to explore and your choice whether to walk, run, or cycle, the Motu Trails is a spectacular highlight of the Bay of Plenty.

New Zealand is rife with sights and activities to enjoy from top to bottom, and it’s impossible to see it all in one trip. For this reason, the Bay of Plenty provides a sample of New Zealand, combining some of the best that is has to offer all in one convenient location. If you’ve never been to New Zealand before, the Bay of Plenty is an excellent place to start.