Travel to New Zealand: A Guide For Americans

Travel to New Zealand: A Guide For Americans

Written by mighway

When Americans think about vacations, it usually doesn’t take long for them to start thinking about New Zealand. People in the states know New Zealand for its activities like zip-lining and skydiving, as well as for its stunning cities from Wellington to Christchurch. Instead of looking into New Zealand vacation packages from the U.S.A, try hire a campervan. If you live in America and want to get a firsthand look at one of the most beautiful countries in the world, here is a brief set of tips.

Watch out for Cars

A New Zealand vacation package from the U.S.A may include a driver. But, if you are driving your own vehicle, cars in New Zealand have the right of way. There’s a common understanding there that pedestrians will wait until no cars are coming before crossing a road. In short, drivers in New Zealand won’t expect you to step onto the street while they’re approaching. Please be mindful of your surroundings and watch for cars.

Don’t Pass the Speed Limit

In America, speed limits are treated like more of a suggestion than an actual rule. So, it’s not uncommon to see people driving five, ten, or even twenty miles over the speed limit. In New Zealand, it’s different. Speed limits are enforced much more often, so keep one eye on the speedometer when you’re driving.

Tipping is not Customary

Surprisingly, tipping is not a regular occurrence in New Zealand. It’s just generally accepted that businesses will pay their employees enough money. Customers shouldn’t have any social duty to subsidise their income. If you feel like you were giving exceptional service, though, then a small tip will be both appreciated and unexpected by the receiver.

Dress Casually

Kiwis are a very laid back sort of people. Even the ones that work white-collar jobs very often will have casual Friday. When you’re there, feel free to dress down and relax.

Don’t Expect the Same Electrical Outlets

Finally, it’s important to remember that the outlets in New Zealand are not the same as the ones in America. Not even close. Not only does their electricity operate at 240V AC as opposed to 110V, but the prongs of their appliances are in completely different shapes. Before you go, make sure you have adapters for all of your devices so you have everything you need for a great trip.

Before you book a New Zealand vacation package from the U.S.A, look at your options of hiring a campervan. New Zealand is a wonderful place to visit, but it is best explored from the comfort of your own vehicle. And, like anywhere, if you’re unprepared before you leave you may end up spending a few extra dollars than expected. Take some time to study up on the ways in which New Zealand operates, then all you’ll need to focus on is enjoying yourself.