Outdoor Fun in New Zealand

Outdoor Fun in New Zealand

Written by mighway

You’d be truly hard pressed to run out of outdoor activities while you’re in New Zealand. Don’t be fooled by the small land area of the country, there’s so much to do if you’re into outdoor activities in New Zealand. This article could be a short book, but for the sake of brevity, here’s a shortlist of the best outdoor activities to partake in when you rent a campervan in New Zealand.

1. Skydiving

If this activity is on your bucket list, you can easily have it checked off. There are many companies that offer skydiving over lush landscapes whether it be in the countryside or alongside the coast. There are few countries with such uninterrupted natural beauty such as New Zealand. So if you were waiting for the right time and place to skydive, New Zealand would be an excellent choice.

2. Scuba diving

If plunging from a plane isn’t your thing, perhaps try a plunge into the ocean. Not only is the natural beauty abundant on land, there is so much to see underwater. Jacques Cousteau, one of the most iconic explorers the world has known, specifically named the Poor Knights Islands Marine Reserve as one of the greatest underwater sites to see. The waters are home to some of the most vibrant coral life on the planet. This is one of our favourite outdoor activities in New Zealand. You could also swim with turtles and dolphins in the Bay of Islands in addition to checking out all the fish.

3. Bungy jumping

So if jumping off a plane isn’t something you want, yet, and you’re still looking for a thrill, you can jump from a bridge or partake in canyon swinging. You can bungy jump from Auckland Bridge Bungy in Auckland or Taupo Bungy in Taupo or Shotover Canyon Swing in Queenstown. With these experiences, you can get an adrenaline kick while not having to have a parachute necessary.

4. Hiking

This is the simplest, cheapest and most rewarding experience you can partake in. Putting on hiking boots, packing a backpack with essentials and exploring a new territory is all you need to do to hike in a correct manner. There are hikes ranging from simple day hikes to extreme multi-day camping hikes available to you. No matter what island you pick or what season you choose to visit New Zealand in, there is always a trail awaiting you.