Breathtaking Moments From The New Zealand Mountains

Breathtaking Moments From The New Zealand Mountains

Written by mighway

Did you know that approximately 60% of the South Island in New Zealand is covered by mountain ranges? One of the greatest features this island has to offer, other than its beautiful scenery, are the South Island Mountains. These are home to its highest and longest chain of mountains, the Southern Alps. This is just one of the many instagram friendly spots found within New Zealand’s awe-inspiring mountains. Find out where to go with campervan hire in New Zealand and uncover some of the tallest Mountains in New Zealand.

Understanding New Zealand’s Geography

There are over 100+ incredible peaks, mountains, and hills spanning across the North and South Islands of New Zealand. For a country of its size, there are many considerations when planning your travel. It’s important to consider your budget, number of travellers, as well as the time you have available. These factors will all will play a role and likely dictate which island or islands destinations you will be able to explore.

Most Memorable Mountain Moments

There are memorable moments that can be captured across both islands. There are some relatively significant differences between the North and South Islands of New Zealand. If you are like most, it is important to do your own research based on your interests, as well as, read through the ratings and reviews. According to TripAdvisor, there are 926 Nature Parks across the North Island alone. The top three locations being Te Mata Peak, Mount Manaia Track, and Mount Paku.

If you are wanting to focus more on the South Island, here are few top spots to add to your list of visit must-do’s. Hooker Valley Track, The Old Ghost Road, Fiordland National Park, Lake Pukaki, Routeburn Track, Lake Wanaka, Marlborough Sounds, and Queenstown. These are among the top 15 southern island spots that will surely take your breath away.

All Seasons Matter

It isn’t often that you can travel to a country that includes such a wide variety of climates and geographical differences. The biggest awe-inspiring travel consideration ultimately relies on you. What do you want to see, do, experience, and for how long. Based on those check-list items, you will be able to narrow down areas of interest and map out the most appropriate path for travel, and be able to decide how to best travel from place to place.