Keeping New Zealand Green When Travelling in a Motorhome

Keeping New Zealand Green When Travelling in a Motorhome

Written by mighway

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It’s truly a privilege to see some of these natural sites up close. In order to preserve the scenery for others, you should keep in mind tips to have an eco-friendly trip motorhome rental in New Zealand. Not only would you be helping preserve the land for other generations, you’re doing yourself a favour if you were to return to the country in the future.

Reduce your carbon footprint

When you look to rent a motorhome for a holiday, you should start with asking what kind of vehicle that you need. If you’re doing a solo trip or if you’re doing it with only one other person, you should perhaps stay with smaller sized vehicles. Only rent what you’re going to use. Larger sized vehicles use up more gasoline and contribute a larger carbon footprint.

Follow the rules

When you’ve picked the appropriate vehicle to have your holiday in, you should then be mindful of how you use it. You should be mindful of the laws that are in place. New Zealand is very open to campers and campervans, but in order to maintain the natural beauty of the environment, there are rules that ensure that people treat the place well.

Use dump stations

If you have a fully self contained campervan, then you are allowed to free camp in designated areas. If you don’t have a self contained campervan, essentially one that does not have a toilet, then you aren’t allowed to use public land. Violation of this law could mean a hefty fine. If you do have a campervan with a toilet, take care in properly disposing of the waste. Don’t just dump it anywhere.

Reduce, reuse & recycle

You could also invest in a water filtration system. You could save money on buying plastic bottles and also save on plastic waste. Also, with your supplies such as plates or cups, perhaps you could invest in reusable tools. Yes, disposable items are much cheaper, but you’ll be adding to a waste pile by disposing of a cup after just one use. Of course, with the waste that you do end up eventually producing, save it and then dispose of it properly. Sort out your rubbish and separate what can be recycled outside of waste that cannot be recycled. Use common sense, only leave your tracks and only take lots of pictures.