New Zealand’s Best Healthy Cafes

New Zealand’s Best Healthy Cafes

Written by mighway

While travelling throughout New Zealand, you must experience the local food. The choices seem endless because New Zealanders loves their food. With the vast waterways and forests, seafood and plants are an inspiration for many dishes. If you are travelling with private campervan hire in New Zealand and are finding it difficult to choose, read our list of the best healthy cafes.

Ortolana – Auckland

Ortolana’s menu focuses on using locally grown produce. The produce comes from either Ortolana’s farm which is about 30 minutes north of downtown Auckland or other local growers. The menu is family-friendly and offers a kids menu. The menu choices not only include the local produce but also fresh seafood.

The French Cafe – Auckland

Another restaurant that focuses on locally grown produce is The French Cafe. The restaurant’s menu offers both vegetarian and meat-based meals. The French Café offers a high-end dining experience for its visitors. To choose your meal select from either the A’ la carte or tasting menu.

Charley Noble Eatery – Wellington

The Charley Noble Eatery also tailors a menu towards the local ingredients. Each menu item is cooked in a charcoal oven to give it that great taste. The menu also offers many options from meat, vegetarian and vegan options.

Riverstone Kitchen – Oamaru

Riverstone Kitchen keeps the menu simple by focusing on the availability from the local vegetable farms and orchards. A family-friendly atmosphere also gives the kids the choice of vegetarian and meals with meat. The availability of fresh seafood is prevalent on the menu.

Fleurs Place – Moeraki Bay

Fleurs Place is the place to go for fresh fish and local vegetables. Here you can enjoy the fresh catch of the day which comes right off the fishing boats. Fleurs Place also has options for vegan and vegetarian dishes.

Pegasus Bay – North Canterbury

Pegasus Bay has a menu built around their wines. The restaurant focuses on locally grown ingredients. The family can enjoy a simple meal together. A small kids menu coupled with a more elegant selection for the adults can give your family a great dining experience.

Travel with private campervan hire in New Zealand and uncover some of the best healthy cafes on your journey. Follow this list and you won’t be disappointed.