10 Best Things to do in Auckland

10 Best Things to do in Auckland

Written by mighway

Travelling through New Zealand in a motorhome provides many opportunities for unusual experiences and adventure. One such location that offers ten activities specific to that area is Auckland. Read our list of things to do in Auckland when you hire a campervan in New Zealand.

Visiting Penguins

There are plenty of things to see in Auckland, so we’re starting with a visit to the Kelly Tarlton’s Sealife Aquarium. Here you will see a penguin colony along with spiny sea dragons and the various stingray species.

Walking Across New Zealand

Auckland is the narrowest point in New Zealand. Within five hours, you can walk from the east coast of the island to the west. During the Coast to Coast Walkway, you will see nature at its finest. You will see dormant volcanoes, urban landscapes and some of the parklands.

Swim and Surf

Since Auckland is the narrowest part of New Zealand, you can swim on the east coast beaches in one part of the day and then head over to the west coast for some great surfing for the other part.

Visiting a Volcanic Island

For an exceptional view of the harbour, a must see is Rangitoto Island. This is one of our favourite things to see in Auckland. Home to a dormant volcano, you can climb the old lava flows to the summit for an unbelievable view. You have a choice of either kayaking or taking a ferry to get to the island.

Island of Wine

If you like wine tasting and visiting wineries, a 40-minute ferry ride takes you to Waiheke Island. You will want to spend the day to visit and have lunch overlooking the vineyards. The island has 30 wineries to choose from for your wine tasting experience.

Dark Sky Island

A definite must stop for any stargazer is the Great Barrier Island. As the only island in the world to receive the dark sky sanctuary, the view of the stars is breathtaking. Here you can not only view the Milky Way but also the Magellanic Clouds.

The Auckland Museum

The Auckland Museum is home to the largest Maori gallery. Here you will find displays of over 1,000 taonga of all sizes. These taongas show the history of the ancestral tribes for the area.

Pasifika Festival

If you time your travels during the annual Pasifika Festival, you are in for a treat. During the festival you will see the different Polynesian cultures, food, music and dancing. You can tour the villages and see the art.

Rotoroa Island

The location of another museum in the area is Rotoroa Island. In years past, Rotoroa Island was the rehabilitation centre. For years the island was not open to tourists. Now the island is an attraction where you can see the jail house and chapel. Do not forget to take a stroll on the white sandy beaches.

The Riverhead

Just a ferry ride away is the oldest riverside pub in New Zealand. Enjoy a delightful meal and drink while taking in the gorgeous scenery. The view overlooks the water and giant oak trees.

For more information on Auckland, contact the Auckland’s visitor’s bureau.