Tips to Improve Your Ranking

Tips to Improve Your Ranking

Written by mighway

Peer-to-peer motorhome rental is a great way to meet like-minded explorers and offset ownership costs. And, to help you turn lookers into bookers, as well as assist guests with finding the perfect vehicle, we have introduced a search ranking algorithm. This means your listing is scored based on a number of key factors. To help you improve your ranking and boost your income, we have outlined some of these factors below.

New listings

If you have just listed your vehicle with Mighway – congratulations! This is the first step to new bookings. And, to help get you started, your listing will appear at the top of our search results for a period of time, and will also be labelled with a “new” badge, showcasing that your vehicle has just been added to the platform. This will help you gain visibility from new lookers and give you the opportunity to engage with guests and increase your score in our search ranking algorithm.

The experience 

We want all guests, whether they are new to the platform or returnees, to have a positive experience. So, to help make this happen, the search algorithm elevates listings with owners that are engaged and rapid responders. 

 Stay Engaged

  • Our search algorithm will score your listing based on your level of engagement with guests, your response rate and time. This also includes how quickly you respond to messages from the guests. If you respond before or within the 48-hours allocated you will improve your ranking in the search results.

Confirm bookings

  • Your listing will also be affected by how many confirmed bookings you have. The more you confirm, the higher your listing will appear. This leads to our point about declining a booking.

Declining a booking 

  • Sometimes your vehicle may need maintenance, or you might decide that you would like to take your motorhome out for personal use. Declining the occasional booking won’t negatively impact your listing, however, if you continue to decline bookings, our search ranking will track this pattern and negatively score your listing. This will mean that your vehicle will appear lower in our search results.
  • It’s important to stay on top of your calendar and block out dates in advance. By planning ahead, your listing won’t be negatively impacted. Remember to try and accept as many bookings as you can. 

It’s easy to negatively impact your score in our search ranking algorithm early on, and this can be detrimental. So, make sure you follow these guidelines and stay on top of your listing by staying engaged, responding, and little to no cancellations.