Top Five Souvenirs from New Zealand

Top Five Souvenirs from New Zealand

Written by mighway

Vacationing in New Zealand is sure to be an amazing experience. Whether you are there to enjoy beautiful landscapes like Milford Sound or the well-known wine tours. Hire a campervan, and by the end of your road trip you will have a phone full of pictures preserving your adventures. However, sometimes it is nice to have a souvenir to bring back as well. Here are five New Zealand souvenirs you or your loved ones are sure to enjoy.


Who doesn’t love chocolate? Before you get on the plane headed for home, make sure you have some of Whittaker’s chocolate in your bag. This is New Zealand’s finest brand of chocolate. This company has been making chocolate since 1896, so they have the best recipes. If you want to have a laugh and enjoy something delicious, then buy some sheep droppings, not to worry, they are chocolate covered peanuts.

Stuffed Animals

Children do not have to be the only ones to enjoy stuffed animals. If you still like those fluffy critters, then you will love this stuffed animal Rory Ram from The Tin Shed. It is made with genuine sheepskin and comes in two different colours. The fur is real wool that has been brushed, a perfect reminder to your time in New Zealand. Catered more for children than Rory Ram is a stuff kiwi bird. This iconic bird can only be found in New Zealand. They are known to be non-aggressive and flightless.


Some tourists are not interested in edible souvenirs or stuffed animals that will sit on a shelf and that’s perfectly fine. If that is the case, then perhaps you will enjoy a nice scarf or gloves. The Lothlorian Merino scarf is made from 50 percent Merino wool, 40 percent Possum fur and 10 percent nylon. These materials are known for their warmth and does not make the wearer’s skin itchy.


Another great way to remember your time in New Zealand is through jewellery, which will bring the memories flooding back every time you wear it. A beautiful stone that is common in New Zealand are the greenstone and pounamu. These stunning pieces are said to have healing powers and deep meanings.

Replica Rings

For those of you who are The Lord of the Rings fans, you are bound to like the Jens Hansen store. They are the ones who made the rings for The Lord of the Rings films. Yes, they even have the One Ring along with wedding and engagement rings engraved with elvish.