New Zealand’s Finest Products

New Zealand’s Finest Products

Written by mighway

Although New Zealand is small, it’s rich in culture and tradition. The country features beautiful backdrops and incredible products made by artisans, craftspeople, farmers and winemakers. Rent a campervan and experience the famous products made in New Zealand. Read our list to help you get started on your journey.


If you consider yourself to be a wine connoisseur, then you’re in the right place. New Zealand has 10 incredible winemaking regions to visit, and these regions are internationally renowned too. The most distinguished is the Sauvingon Blanc from the Marlborough region. There are more regions that are known for Sauvignon Blancs and some Pinot Noirs such as Northland, Auckland, Gisborne, Nelson and Central Otago.

A great way to visit these winemaking destinations is by renting a campervan. The northern regions feature a warmer climate and are more hospitable to red Bordeaux style wines. The cooler, more southern regions host Riesling and Pinot Noir. If you enjoy wine tasting, a campervan is a great way to travel. This way you know that you have the security of having both transportation and a place to stay no matter what region you want to check out for yourself.


New Zealand has plenty of sheep! in 2015, there was 29 million sheep, while New Zealand’s population remained at just a small 5 million. Crazy huh! Because of the disparity, New Zealanders know how to harvest wool very well. A great place to visit is the Mackenzie County. Here, you can find high quality merino wool.

Socks, underwear, and sweaters are made from high-quality wool that is produced by the abundance of sheep from New Zealand. Swanndri or “swannies” as they’re locally known as, are heavy shirts with tartan plaid patterns that are usually worn by outdoorsmen. You can also get sheepskin rugs that are representative of the farming industry of the country.

Bone Pendants

Intricate and traditional Maori designs are now commonly carved into cow bones. More rare and expensive pendants are carved into whale bones. Each design comes with a card that explains the significance of the design, and they can usually be found in most souvenir stores or independent boutiques that feature local designers and craftsmen and women.

Mud Beauty Products

Because of the country’s high level of volcanic and thermal activity, mineral rich mud is sold as a unique souvenir. The mud has been filtered to strip any harsh sulfuric smells and acidity levels, yet, the mud still contains high amounts of minerals and antioxidants, so you can be assured that what you’re putting on your skin is safe.