Motorhome Clubs in New Zealand

Motorhome Clubs in New Zealand

Written by Kimberly

Going on a road trip in a campervan through New Zealand is always exciting. And, travelling with a group of people in a RV travel club can make your adventure even better. This is a great way to make friends and lasting memories. So, rent a campervan and visit these motorhome clubs exclusive to New Zealand.

Caravanning and Camping NZ Inc.

RV Clubs are a great way to meet like-minded explorers and share travel tips. So, to start our list of RV travel Clubs is Caravanning and Camping NZ Inc. This club is currently accepting new members, so now is your chance to join. They have been around since 2 August 1969, and this club knows the best spots to visit in New Zealand. In order to include more individuals in their club, such as young families, the group changed their name to include “camping”. There is an annual subscription to join this club, but that fee is well worth it. There are many benefits like getting discounted camp fees at supporting campgrounds all throughout the country. Visit their website to find out all they have to offer.

New Zealand Motor Caravan Association Inc.

This caravanning club was founded in 1956 with the main objective of enjoying the beauty that New Zealand had to offer. One convenient aspect of this club is that they have their own travel app. This assists its members in connecting with one another and finding campsites. They also have year round rallies where new members can meet current members in order to find out if this club is right for them. To find out more about rallies and see where the next one will be, check out their website so you can be at the next one. This group is for the young, middle-aged and retired. To see who the current president and Chief Executive Officer of the association is, click on this link.

The All Points Camping Club of New Zealand

This club focuses on families, but it is for people of all ages. They offer members discounts at a variety of campgrounds. Other benefits to joining this group besides making new friends is that you receive leverage liability coverage for member events, get advice and support from members and gain savings and discounts for your road trip adventures.

So, the next time you are renting a campervan from for a New Zealand adventure, consider looking into one of these clubs. If these ones are not right for you, then there are several others specifically for New Zealand. Being apart of a caravan club is sure to make your trip more enjoyable.