How to Document Your Campervan Travels in New Zealand

How to Document Your Campervan Travels in New Zealand

Written by Kimberly

Are you planning to travel New Zealand by campervan? New Zealand has been a prime destination for vacationers all over the world. And, hiring a campervan is a great way to uncover all the incredible sights. But, how do you keep your vacation memories alive? Here are some ways to document your travels.

Travel Journal

To keep track of your travel in New Zealand by campervan, keep a travel journal. These have been the number one way of documentation for explorers for thousands of years. From the writings of Pausanias in the 2nd century to Goethe’s Italian Journey. You can add your own mark on this genre by keeping a travel journal. Use it to write down your observations, experiences, conversations and thoughts during your trip through New Zealand, and if you want, share them with the world.

Send Postcards to Yourself

Postcards are a fun way of letting others share in your vacation experience, and few people will appreciate a taste of your adventures more than your future self. It’s true that postcards are typically sent to other people, however, after you send postcards from every step of your journey to your home address and receive them a month later, you’ll feel like you’re on vacation all over again.


Travel New Zealand by campervan and blog about your adventures. Here you can record noteworthy events, describe the food you eat, and relay information about where you are to everybody back home. This helps your friends and family feel like they are traveling with you, and it gives you something to look over years later to remember all the fun you had.


Lastly, what better way to document your travels in New Zealand than with digital photographs and videos. You could take a selfie at every landmark you find, photograph scenic vistas, and/or videotape yourself exploring new areas and attractions. For kids, you can photograph their stuffed animals at different spots to give the impression that they too are enjoying the trip. The ways you can get creative with pictures and videos are endless, so don’t hold back.

Vacations are usually once in a lifetime experiences and you don’t want them to slip away from your memory under all the clutter of everyday life. Documenting your travels in New Zealand is a great way to create mementos of your trip for you and others to appreciate no matter how much time has passed.