How to Get More Bookings

How to Get More Bookings

Written by Nicole

Peer-to-peer motorhome rental is a great way to support local businesses, the economy, and the community. As the owner of a motorhome, peer-to-peer can help fund your travels, put your vehicle to great use and offset your ownership costs. But, how can you make your listing shine and in high demand? Below is our motorhome guide to help you increase your bookings.

Create a quality listing

The first step to a quality listing, is naming your vehicle. Your listing name will appear in google too, so make sure it’s eye catching. The second step is to take plenty of photos. Include images of the bed made up, make your vehicle look and feel like home. Next, create your description, what’s special about your vehicle, and what are its unique selling points? But, don’t exceed expectations, be honest when describing your vehicle. If your motorhome has quirks, mention them. Here are some more tips on how you can make your listing stand out.

Create Trust

We’ve said this before, but a profile creates trust. Describe who you are and add a photo of yourself. Guests want to know who they are hiring their motorhome rental from. And, an image creates trust.

Price competitively

Before you publish your listing, research into similar motorhome rentals and how they are priced. Our team can also help you determine what realistic pricing is. Remember that it’s also very important to stay on top of your pricing. When the seasons change or key events occur, update your pricing.


Stay engaged

Listings appear in our search results based on an owners engagement with the guest. If you are engaged and responding to guests, you are already improving your listing performance. Don’t worry, approving or declining a booking won’t affect your ranking either. But, the faster that you respond to guests, the better your placement is in our search results.

Other factors that have assisted our top-earners include availability of their vehicle (not blocking out availability), great hospitality and going above and beyond for guests. You could also provide the guest with travel information, offer airport collection and have more flexibility with pick-up/drop-offs. These small details will help you stand out and get more bookings for your motorhome rental.