Tips for Getting Off the Grid With a Motorhome Rental

Tips for Getting Off the Grid With a Motorhome Rental

Written by mighway

New Zealand is a beautiful place for exploring. The greatest exploration movie of all time -Lord of the Rings- was filmed in New Zealand. And, a popular method of travelling through New Zealand is in a motorhome rental. Renting a motorhome as your primary means of conveyance is the best option next to hitching a ride with a Great Eagle.

Camping off the grid means camping without the luxuries of electrical or water hook-ups. When camping off the grid, you only utilise the comforts provided by your motorhome rental. Whether you are tired of over-priced campgrounds or you simply want to feel closer to nature, off-grid motorhome camping in New Zealand is a truly interesting and fun layer to add to your vacation.

Where can I set up camp for free?

Freedom camping in New Zealand is prohibited in some areas. Freedom camping is referring to setting up a campsite with a tent or motorhome in an area that is free of charge. You’ll need to research your route ahead of time so you can be aware of where you can and cannot set your motorhome rental up for the night.

How to be a responsible off-grid camper

Many parks and picnic areas are banning free camping due to the adverse impact. Irresponsible campers have been littering and disposing of their waste improperly. Be a good citizen while camping off the grid in New Zealand. Check for local protocols on waste disposal and pick up after yourself.

Water Conservation

Make sure you choose a motorhome with a sizeable water tank. Water-management skills are held in high regard amongst off-grid campers. If you are not camped anywhere near public facilities, then you will need to be extremely conservative with water usage.

Best Practices

  • Ensure that your campsite is a safe distance from roadways.
  • Be aware of the proximity to public facilities such as toilets, sinks and bathing.
  • Lock up at night.
  • Bring a portable stove. Lighting fires in a free-camping zone is unsafe and disrespectful.
  • When disposing of the contents of your holding tank’s waste, do not simply dump it in the bushes. There are disposal facilities throughout New Zealand. Disposing of your waste in the wrong place creates the potential for water contamination.
  • If you are unsure of the cleanliness of your water, boil it for a minimum of three minutes. You might also want to bring water-purifying tablets.

If you decide to tour New Zealand off of the grid in a motorhome rental, leave no evidence you were there. The reason we go to nature for rest and relaxation is because of its purity. Respect the local guidelines and best practices and have a wonderful adventure. All you need to do now is pick out the right motorhome rental for your off-the-grid trip.

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