Seven Ways to Keep Your Campervan Safe

Seven Ways to Keep Your Campervan Safe

Written by mighway

You’ve chosen New Zealand as your destination for a memory-making trip of a lifetime. Although New Zealand is very safe, it’s important to keep yourself and your belongings safe while on the road. Read our tips below and learn how to protect your belongings while travelling. Rent a motorhome with confidence, knowing that you have guarded yourself with tips learned from seasoned travellers.

Be Discreet

It’s not always common sense to know how to protect your belonging while travelling. So, our first piece of advise is that you shouldn’t flash your valuables around. If you have plenty of cash on you, find a good hiding spot, and seperate it so it’s not all together. Cell phones, cameras and prime camping tools you should also keep in a safe place, and don’t mention to people who you don’t know well that you have this additional gear.

Get it Together

Don’t scatter items around campsites. Keep them arranged in one place and close to you. If you have rented tables, chairs and other equipment, be sure to put them away in your storage compartments, especially at night. An uninviting campsite is one that has no items that are easy to snatch.

Hide in Plain Sight

Check out the many tricks of the trade for camouflaging your tiny treasures. Small items may be stored away in containers made to look like ordinary items, such as hollowed out cans, candles, hairbrushes, or water bottles. Send the message: Nothing here for you, move on!

Know Your Neighbours

Once you arrive at a campsite, be sure to greet your neighbours. Campers who form a network can establish a type of “neighbourhood watch,” which allows you to look out for each other and your belongings. Agree to report any suspicious activity or people around each other’s sites. You may even ask the campsite manager to post a sign stating that there is surveillance between campers.

Lock it Down

Use a padlock or passcode, anything that will slow a thief down and make him or her think twice. This includes a chain and padlock for bigger items that cannot easily be stored, such as stoves. Also, take advantage of locks by locking all doors when travelling. You do not want anyone to be able to access your campervan during short stops.

Play it Safe

For items that need more security than simply hiding them, there are many portable safes for purchase. You may want to invest in a traditional motorhome safe, which can easily fit into a campervan closet. Locking motorhome files or briefcases also provide excellent options.

Survey Your Surroundings

Make wise decisions before parking your campervan. Does the area look safe? If an area seems unnerving in any way, it may have hidden dangers. Trust your instincts about your surroundings. If you feel unsettled for some reason, move on.

Bonus tips

  • Familiarise yourself with the vehicle before begin your journey
  • Store valuables at night to avoid theft
  • Introduce yourself to your neighbours at the campsite
  • Hide your valuables in a safe place
  • Don’t stash all your cash in one place
  • Bring a small safe for extra security
  • Lock all your doors, even when you stop to see the sights.

Secure your happy memories with these trusted practices. Once you know how to protect your belongings while travelling, you can focus on spending time with those you love in one of the most beautiful places on earth.