6 Great Apps When Travelling in New Zealand

6 Great Apps When Travelling in New Zealand

Written by Kimberly

Planning a trip to New Zealand can be an adventure in and of itself. There is accommodation to book, restaurants to find and tourist locations to choose from. One benefit of campervan hire in New Zealand is that you don’t have to worry about researching hotels. All you have to do is hire a campervan and choose the pick-up location. With everything else on your itinerary though, technology is on your side. Here is a list of the best trip planning apps to make your trip worry free.

Essential New Zealand Travel

This app really is “essential” when it comes to your New Zealand trip. This app makes planning your itinerary so simple and it is free. The app provides you with lists of experiences around the country. To make things even easier on you, this app describes the attractions and includes the latest prices. This really is one of the best trip planning apps.

Camper Mate

If you are renting a campervan, then this app is a must. It lists all the natural sightseeing attractions to visit. And, to make your road trip adventure that much more enjoyable, the app also provides its users with locations of free campsites, directions to public restrooms and restaurants where you can grab a bite to eat.

Air New Zealand

If you are flying to New Zealand with this airline, you should get this app. It provides you with the most up to date information on flight delays, changes to your gate and can double as your boarding pass.

NZ’s Great Walks

Whether you are an avid hiker or you just want to spend a day in nature, NZ’s Great Walks app will help you find the perfect hike. This app was actually developed by New Zealand Department of Conservation. It provides you with all the information you need to plan the best hike and even doubles as a GPS to track your progress on the trails.

Great Rides NZ

This is the best trip planning apps for bikers who want to explore some of the best trails in New Zealand. When you download a trail, the app will work completely offline. To orient yourself on the trails and to keep you safe, the app doubles as a GPS.

Google Maps

For those of you braving the roads of New Zealand in a campervan or a rental car, this app will help you navigate those tricky roads. It offers information on gas stations, restaurants and so much more along your route so you don’t even have to take much of a detour.

Our hope is that these apps will make your experience in New Zealand that much more memorable.