Tips to Make Your Motorhome Listing Stand Out

Tips to Make Your Motorhome Listing Stand Out

Written by Nicole

Peer-to-peer motorhome rental is a great way for you to offset your ownership costs, interact with like-minded explorers, and share travel stories. It’s completely free to list too. But before you begin, it’s important that you take the time to create a quality listing. Your motorhome listing is the gateway to new booking requests, so read our guide on how to make your motorhome listing stand out.

1. Quality images

An image says a thousand words, so it’s important that you take quality photos of your motorhome listing. You don’t need to be a professional photographer but quality is key. Your first step is to make sure your vehicle is clean and tidy. This will reflect in your photos. You can also consider adding some nice touches to make it feel like home. A picture frame, or maybe some tea and coffee. These will help make your listing shine.

Once your motorhome listing has been spruced, consider what time you will be taking your photos. Often lighting is best at sunrise and sunset. The more natural light – the better!

It’s also helpful to take plenty of photos – you can always delete the ones you don’t like later. Try to make your space more personal and appealing, for example capture the bed made up, ready for a guest. Images help to showcase your listing.

Quality Photos

2. Stand out from the crowd

When you go away on holiday, hospitality is everything. So, in order to stand out from the crowd, try and go above and beyond. Greet your guests with a warm welcome – they may have just travelled across the world to get to you. You can also include simple touches such as tea, coffee, freshly baked scones, or maybe a bottle of wine. Something so simple can have the greatest impact, and it can also help push your bookings across the line. Hospitality is everything.

Welcome sign

3. Create trust – create a profile

Creating a profile is a great way for guests to learn more about you, and have trust in your motorhome listing. When creating your profile, add as much detail as you can. Always include an image – guests like to put a face to a name.

4. Describe your listing

Your vehicle description is there to tell the story that your images can’t. Be descriptive, and give as much detail as possible. Name your listing, and include information about how your vehicle is special, how it stands out from other listings, if it’s unique, and what kind of condition it is in. Add in any unique selling points that you can think of.

If you’re struggling to get creative, take a step back and look at it from the guests perspective. What would you like to know if you were renting out this vehicle? If you do hit a roadblock, the Mighway owners team are always here to help. We can assist with your description and create your listing for you.

Describe your listing

Price your motorhome competitively

Before you publish your listing, research into how other motorhome owners have priced their vehicles. Find a similar vehicle and use this a guideline. Our team can also help you determine what realistic pricing is. Remember that it’s also very important to stay on top of your pricing. When the seasons change or key events occur, update your pricing.

Make your motorhome listing stand out:

  • Quality images
  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Create trust – create a profile
  • Describe your listing
  • Competitive Pricing

Creating a quality listing can be easy. Spend time thinking about your guests, and what they might need and want from your listing. Pay attention to detail, as guests will notice the little things – a little goes a long way. Now you can get started with your motorhome listing. And, don’t forget that our team is here to assist you.