The Unforgettable Fiordland

The Unforgettable Fiordland

Written by Kimberly

New Zealand is known as one of the most alluring areas to explore in the world. Within this land of splendour and intrigue, the area that boasts the greatest number of spectacular sites is its southwestern region of Fiordland. Why not experience the best of the best? Once you learn what there is to do in Fiordland, then hire a campervan to take off toward this heavenly region. Once you reach the Fiordland, you will have a great choice of methods for taking in all aspects of the area.

Take Flight over Fiordland

One of the main ways of taking in the area’s unique and stunning beauty is from the skies. An aerial view allows you to gain a vantage point of the breathtaking peaks, pristine lakes and fjords. There are a range of air services available, including heli-hikes, photography charters, small planes and helicopters. Don’t miss an elevated perspective of this outstanding region.

Cruise the Coast

Embark on a Milford Sound Cruise for an excursion through the natural wonders. Experience the waterfalls, landscapes, and wildlife, including playful dolphins and soaring native birds. Enjoy all of these sites from decks offering panoramic views perfect for capturing photos. Located in the Fiordland National Park, this cruise is a great launching point for several excursion possibilities.

Bask in the Glow

After enjoying a cruise of the region, you will be ready to enter the surreal surroundings of Te Anau Glowworm Cave. Enter into a world of twisting limestone paths made up of sculpted rocks, whirlpools and a towering underground waterfall. At the centre of the cave, you will be ushered by boat to a hideaway filled with thousands of glowworms producing an unbelievable display. You won’t want to miss this rare experience of wonder.

Hike the “Great Walk”

It is no wonder that Fiordland is considered the Walking Capital of the World. Among these walks are the famous Kepler and Milford Tracks. Te Anau is a great launching point for stocking up on supplies and learning about the track and weather conditions before leaving. These walks provide vistas of rainforests, lakes and alpines in amazing array. Prepare yourself for cold and rainy jaunts at times, knowing the sites you will behold will be worth a walk in the rain.

Diving into a Dream

What better way to take in the lush offerings of marine life and landscapes than to join this water world? Dive into Milford Sound to be whisked away into a captivating world created by dark, forest-fed freshwaters floating above layers of seawaters. This double-layer allows light-sensitive species to move much closer to the surface in Fiordland waters. See rare species such as red and black corals at accessible shallow depths. Behold intriguing creatures such as sea dragons, nudibranch, and dog sharks, along with majestic and playful fur seals. The views are so fantastic that you will not want to leave this underwater paradise.

Are you ready to see the prime views of this unforgettable land? Then hire a campervan today to launch you on a trip into Fiordland. And, find out why this region is known as the best New Zealand has to offer.