What do in Kaikoura

What do in Kaikoura

Written by mighway

Kaikoura is a town located on the east coast of New Zealand’s South Island. There are plenty of activities to be enjoyed here, with explorers from all over the world visiting. Kaikoura has plenty of attractions, from gorgeous natural scenery to whale watching, lavender farms, and museums. Hire a campervan and visit Kaikoura, one of New Zealand’s finest locations.

Kaikoura Museum

If you are wondering which Kaikoura attraction to start with, you could try the Kaikoura Museum. This top attraction is great for rainy days, days that are extra hot, or days that you just want to spend indoors. It is filled with some incredible exhibits and artefacts of the nation’s past, and it can also be referred to as The Craypot for its shape. More recently, the museum has added a section called ‘The New Normal’. This was added to remember the events of the 2016 earthquake. This museum is the place to go for history enthusiasts of all kinds.

Kaikoura Whale Watching

If whale watching is on your bucket list, then Kaikoura is the place to go. Normally, whale sightings can be scarce, but that is rarely the case in Kaikoura. Experts say that visitors have a 95 percent chance of spotting a massive sperm whale while here. If you do add this Kaikoura attraction to your list, you may see some other incredible mammals. These include orcas, dolphins and humpback whales.

Nins Bin Beachside Dining

For a mixture of fine food and splendid outdoor scenery, head to Nins Bin. This is the most famous seafood joint in the area. Here, you can find a great selection of crayfish, mussels, beer battered chips and more. It also has one of the most incredible views of the ocean while you enjoy your food. Nins Bin may even become your new favourite lunch spot.

Lavendyl Lavender Farms

The Lavendyl Lavender Farms is a must-see spot for nature lovers. Sit back, relax and watch how the lavender essential oil is grown and processed. This is a great location to enjoy a book, chat with friends and watch the action from the farms cafe. There’s very few places that are better than this Kaikoura attraction.

Kaikoura Farmers Market

If you are in search of some incredible local produce, Kaikoura’s farmers market is the next stop. Here you can find delicious homemade treats, fresh seafood, and delectable artisan desserts. The locals also gather all their fresh produce here, so it is a great way to interact with some friendly faces.

Kaikoura represents some of the best of what New Zealand has to offer and it is an absolute necessity on your list of places to see.