Things to do in Marlborough

Things to do in Marlborough

Written by Kimberly

Located near the Northmost point of New Zealand’s South Island is the region known as Marlborough. Named after John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough. The Marlborough region is known for its dry climate, its fun coastal activities and, of course, its exceptional wines. If you find yourself in this beautiful part of the country, here is what to see in Marlborough when you hire a campervan.

Pollard Park

It can be difficult to decide on what to see in Marlborough, so we will start with Pollard Park. A dazzling array of colours, Pollard Park’s gardens contain some of the boldest designs in the world. Pollard Park is not subtle in its endeavours to strike awe into those who walk through it. A key spot for everything from weddings to family gatherings to Sunday walks to after dinner bike rides. Pollard Park is not lacking in beauty and serenity. There’s even a nine hole golf course for you to enjoy with your friends.

Edwin Fox Maritime Museum

Next is the Edwin Fox Maritime Museum. This museum is centred around the 9th oldest ship in the world, the Edwin Fox. This ship has had an incredible history in the Australia/New Zealand area since its construction in 1853. From serving in wars to transporting convicts to Australia, the Edwin Fox has been some of the most important events in history, and you’re able to explore it for yourself at the Edwin Fox Maritime Museum, walking through its well preserved corridors and learning about its past through multiple descriptive placards.

Winery Tours

This is at the top of our list of what to see in Marlborough. Because, it wouldn’t be a trip to New Zealand without a tour of its gorgeous wine country. You can explore it on your own if you like, or you can join up on one of its many bike tours to see how the wine is produced, processed and distributed. And of course, there’s no limit to the number of selections you can taste.

EcoWorld Picton Aquarium

Lastly, in Picton, the town serving as the gateway to the South Island from the North Island, you can visit the EcoWorld Picton Aquarium. Here you can find some of the most common ocean dwellers of New Zealand’s surrounding waters right before your eyes. The EcoWorld Aquarium allows you to get hands-on with a number of fishes and marine mammals in one of their many touch pools, an activity that kids will love, while video and audio displays located around the building are always there to tell you more about these unique sea creatures.

One of the most essential regions for getting the New Zealand experience, Marlborough is a gem of the islands and a must-see spot on your list of what to see in Marlborough.