The Many Bay of Plenty Activities

The Many Bay of Plenty Activities

Written by mighway

New Zealand offers a wide variety of experiences for everyone. The choices include activities on land, air and water. The Bay of Plenty is no exception and will keep you busy. The activities combine nature and excitement to give you an experience of a lifetime. Read our list of what to do in the Bay of Plenty when you hire a campervan in New Zealand.

A Water Lover’s Paradise

If water is your first love, you can really take advantage of the Bay of Plenty area. The water activities include:

  • Surfing.
  • Boating.
  • Fishing.
  • Charter Tours.
  • Wildlife Tours.
  • Kayaking.
  • Swimming.
  • Sailing.
  • Snorkelling.
  • River Rafting.

Activities on the water allow you to get close to nature. One example is the Dolphin Blue tour. Dolphin Blue has you spending the day on the boat. You not only get a chance to search and watch the dolphins but you can also swim and snorkel with them too.

Active on Land

If you decide you need to keep your feet on the ground, you still have plenty of activities to keep you going. You may decide to go for a horseback ride on the beach or hiking the trails in and near the mountains.

Other land based activities that can continue your Bay of Plenty experiences include biking, camping, shooting, four wheeling, motorcycling and riding horses. If you are looking for a variety of activities in one location, Tect All Terrain Park is the place for you. The Bay of Plenty Park is a playground for the adventurer in you.

Taking to the Air

If your interests take you into the air, the Bay of Plenty can give you excitement and a breathtaking view of the island. You may start your air adventure with a helicopter ride, skydiving, scenic flights or an open air flyer.

If you choose to go for a helicopter ride, you can expect to see the beaches and ocean life. As you fly over the ocean, you can only hope to see sharks and stingrays. Your 30-minute ride will show you the beaches, port and harbour.

For more information on the activities and experiences available in the Bay of Plenty, consult the New Zealand’s visitor’s bureau.