5 Things to Do in Clutha

5 Things to Do in Clutha

Written by mighway

When you hire a motorhome in New Zealand, a great destination to visit is Clutha. Clutha is on the southern island of New Zealand near the ocean. This allows visitors to experience nature both in the ocean and in the forest. Below is a list of what to do in Clutha, New Zealand.

Wildlife Experiences

Since the area’s location is near the ocean, there are many opportunities to see rare sea and land animals. These rare animals in Clutha include:

  • Endangered sea lions.
  • The smallest and rarest penguin.
  • The smallest dolphins.
  • The Mohua (yellowhead bird).
  • Rifleman.

Along with the rare animals in the area, you can find parakeets, brown trout and many others. This is only the beginning of what to do in Clutha, New Zealand.

Taking in Nature at Nugget Point

Clutha offers its visitors breathtaking scenes. Stop by Nugget Point to see the rock formations along the ocean. Here you will experience nature where earth and water live in harmony. During a visit at Nugget Point, rent a kayak and get an up close look at the different rock formations.

View the Waterfalls

When you visit Clutha, do not forget a good pair of hiking shoes. Clutha has six separate waterfalls to see which are all within walking distance from each other. Each of the waterfalls has its own characteristics like different tiers or locations. The six waterfalls include:

  • McLean.
  • Purakaunui.
  • Horseshoe
  • Matai.
  • Barr
  • Koropuku

Make sure to leave enough time to travel around the area and see all the falls.

Gold Fever

During your motorhome travels, add Lawrence to your list of stops. Lawrence is where one of the world’s largest gold rushes occurred and the birthplace of the first cycle in New Zealand. You can cycle through the trails and along the Clutha River to see the largest river in New Zealand.

Retracing History

Get a better understanding of the settlers of the area by visiting the various museums. The Owaka Museum will tell a story of the early settlers and how they lived.

As you travel through New Zealand, you will experience nature and beauty. New Zealand provides many experiences in nature, culture and food. This is just a quick guide on what to do in Clutha, New Zealand so make sure you discover it for yourself.