What Wonders Does Waitaki Hold?

What Wonders Does Waitaki Hold?

Written by mighway

There are so many beautiful sights to explore in New Zealand, including incredible landscapes and natural wonders. And, the Waitaki region is one of our favourites. This heavenly area is located on the South Island of New Zealand, and is home to the bountiful Waitaki River. Here, you can explore the natural, historical beauty, as well as the rich culture. Read our highlights of the region, and explore these spots with motorhome rental in New Zealand.

Alps 2 Ocean Trail

This incredible stretch of coast runs for over 300 kilometres, and is considered to be one of New Zealand’s Great Rides. Motorhome rental in New Zealand is a great way to drive the paved tracks too. The region is tied together with a network of paved and off-road trails. The name is derived from the trail’s designed to link the Pacific Ocean to the Southern Alps.

The Elephant Rocks

This is one of the most famous natural wonders of Waitaki. The Elephant Rocks is a world-renowned site, and is made from limestone. It is also a part of the Vanished World Trail. And, a great way to experience this distinctive site is by rock climbing, or gazing at this incredible sight.

Forrester Gallery

Nothing reflects the collective culture of the region better than the Forrester Gallery. Locals and visitors from a mix of backgrounds gather to enjoy a sense of bonding through works that hold regional and national significance. Even the building itself is a work of art, from pearly columns to the stunning neo-classical architecture. It provides the perfect stage for travelling exhibits of all kinds.

The Oamaru Opera House

For over a century, the Oamaru Opera House has entertained both locals and worldwide visitors. It is considered the cultural, political and social hub of the region. This cultural mecca offers a rich variety of music, theatre and comedy, so that there is truly “something for everyone.”

The Public Gardens

Take your motorhome rental in New Zealand to the Oamaru Public Gardens, where you can step into an alluring world of succulent plants and foliage. This garden has wooed visitors since 1876, and is grounded in the region’s Victorian history. The Craig Fountain is a focal point at the gardens, and is made of exquisite Italian marble. It is also known for its towering stature. While you’re here, you can savour the sights of the Japanese Red Bridge and Fragrant Garden. And, if you are a romantic, you won’t want to miss the Summerhouse, where countless would-be grooms have knelt to “pop the question.”

The Ancient Takiroa Rock Art Shelter

The Takiroa Rock Art Shelter is one of the country’s most notable geographical art sites. The collection is preserved near the Waitaki River. Here, it is served as an ancient warning system to those fishing and hunting in the area. The images whisper of life in ancient times, and show wildlife, drawings of those who once walked the area, and even European sailing ships and settlers. This place is an alluring must-see during your time at Waitaki.

This beautiful location is near the centre of the South Island. Waitaki is a great place to visit for spectacular views, and inspirational history. Rent a motorhome today and head to Waitaki.