Top Ten Campervan Hacks for a Smooth Ride

Top Ten Campervan Hacks for a Smooth Ride

Written by mighway

Open-air adventure, breathtaking views and colourful culture are all draws for hitting the roads of New Zealand. It can be difficult planning your once in a lifetime adventure. So, to avoid any troubles while on the road, read our campervan storage hacks when your hire a campervan.

1. Koozies are Kool

Not only are “Koozies” or other foam can covers convenient for keeping drinks cool and protected, they also double as perfect protectors for wine and other glasses during travel. Avoid the irritation and hazard of broken glass with this versatile storage solution.

2. Waste Not Space

Do not waste space collecting waste. One great idea is to use a collapsible laundry basket that can be tucked away and stored during travel. This bin can provide extra cushion to items between visits. Another idea for collecting trash in tiny spaces is to use a tall, slender dry food container, perfect to slide between spaces in the kitchen or between the toilet and wall in the bathroom.

3. Master the Moment

Vacationing in a campervan means handling a vast amount of information that changes daily. Use a small dry erase board to post important information of the day that will soon be bypassed. Grocery lists, checklists, local numbers and Wi-Fi passwords are all vital but fleeting bits of information. The temporary nature of a dry erase board highlights the feel of travel and adventure.

4. Light up the Night

A simple string of lights can add allure and warmth while providing safety for after hour enjoyment of your campervan rental. Use name tag holder clips to put up a string of lights quickly and efficiently, and then store the strand already clipped for the next memorable stop.

5. Keep it Clean

Slippery bars of soap are a thing of the past with this genius hack. Use pantyhose or nylon stockings to secure a bar of soap to a water spigot. This makes handwashing easy, even during transit. No more lost, slippery soap!

6. Organisation is Key

Cut up a shoe organiser for spreading the benefit of organisation throughout the campervan. You may use one strip to store cell phones, keys and other vital items around a bed, and another strip to keep items from getting lost in the shower. This is an inexpensive investment that is money well spent.

7. Be There and Be Square

In a campervan, space is a valuable commodity. Purchase staple items or repackage using square containers instead of round ones. Round canisters are space wasters.

8. Soften the Fall

Place floor mats under the bottom of your bunks or under the cushions of your campervan couches for both comfort and insulation. This is an easy way to make a notable difference in your comfort level during your trip.

9. Goodbye to Rolling Items

Use shower caddies with suction cups to organise needed items while on the road, including smalls toys and activities for the kids. No more irritations of cushion diving or peering under seats for runaway pens and game pieces.

10. Go Irish to Rid Rodents

Place bars of Irish Spring Soap around cabinets and under beds and furniture to rid your campervan of mice. The smell is repugnant to these unwanted travel mates. This also leaves your van with a fresh, inviting aroma perfect for humans.

Take advantage of the collected wisdom of campervan hacks for all who have gone before you, and be willing to share some of your own. Hire your campervan knowing you are ready to face the open roads with the confidence of a seasoned traveller.