A Guide to Renting a Campervan in New Zealand

A Guide to Renting a Campervan in New Zealand

Written by mighway

Exploring New Zealand by campervan is popular with both tourists and Kiwis. The allure of the open road and New Zealand’s unsurpassed beauty have inspired many unforgettable journeys. However, campervan rental in New Zealand may be unfamiliar to some. When you hire a campervan this becomes your “home-on-wheels” while travelling. Campervans — vans that are converted to provide lodging — include kitchen supplies, sleeping arrangements and toilets.

In addition to converted vans, the term campervan also includes motorhomes. This can be confusing to travellers. Unlike actual campervans, motorhomes are larger and offer more amenities. Inside a motorhome, you can move about freely, cook at a stove and take a hot shower.

If you’re considering a campervan rental in New Zealand, here are some suggestions for a stress-free trip.

Choose a Campervan

If you are looking into campervan rental in New Zealand, your first step is to figure out how many are travelling and what is your desired comfort level. Travelling solo or with one companion offers the most options. Decide how many amenities are important to you. If preparing and eating your meals at a table inside the campervan is a deal-breaker, a motorhome is your best choice.

Likewise, a campervan that sleeps four typically means roof top accommodations, such as a pop-up campervan sleeper tent. On the other hand, campervans get better gas mileage and are easier to navigate on New Zealand’s roads. You’ll have to weigh the options and choose which type of campervan best suits you.

While perusing campervans, check out storage capacity and any included items. Most campervans offer some storage and are fully equipped with everyday necessities, such as bedding and kitchenware. Other items, such as tents, may be available for an additional fee.

Considering freedom camping? Only legally certified, self-contained vehicles qualify for freedom camping. These campervans have toilets and gray water storage.

Once you decide on your campervan rental, book it! New Zealand is a popular travel destination, and campervan reservations fill up quickly.

Purchase Campervan Insurance

It’s best to plan for the unexpected, and accidents or vehicle breakdowns can happen. Don’t find yourself underinsured. We recommend purchasing “Peace of Mind” insurance coverage. This protection offers comprehensive on-road support, a $500 liability per event and coverage for vehicle difficulties like broken windshields and breakdowns.

Plan Your Itinerary

You’ll have to return your campervan to the same placed it was picked up. Make sure to take this into consideration when charting your trip. Book your national park campsites in advance to guarantee your accommodations.

At Mighway, we specialise in peer-to-peer campervan rentals. If you’d like to hire a campervan, we’re happy to help. Contact us today, and let your New Zealand journey begin.