Meet the Marine Life at Kaikoura

Meet the Marine Life at Kaikoura

Written by mighway

Kaikoura tops the list of marine habitats in New Zealand. Home to more than 200 marine species, Kaikoura whale watching offers many unique opportunities for nature lovers. See seals, dolphins, sperm whales, and other amazing creatures. A campervan hire in New Zealand gives you an affordable and unique way to travel to see the sites.

The continental shelf at Kaikoura extends with a depth of about 100 m. Further out, it sinks to a depth of about 1000 m. Here, cold and warm currents converge, which creates an ideal environment for nutrients to rise from the seafloor.

See whales and dolphins

Sperm whales feed off the coast of Kaikoura all year long. Another 14 species of whales and dolphins swim in these currents, including the Dusky dolphin and Hector’s dolphin. Kaikoura whale watching includes a diverse array of marine life to photograph and enjoy.

There’s about a 95% of a sighting with the resident sperm whales. Male sperm whales make good use of these hunting grounds, diving deep to feed here. Experts say whale sightings occur all year, with two main whale watching seasons. The first happens in the cooler months, from May to October. During this time, you see migrating whale populations. Kaikoura whale watching will allow you to see species such as the humpback whale, southern right whales, blue whales, and pilot whales. The second time to observe whales spans from spring to summer. In this period, expect to see orcas and blue whales.

Other species

Other species to see include rock lobster, petrels, finfish, and shellfish. The Kaikoura Wildlife Management Area opened August 6th 2014 by Conservation Minister Dr. Nick Smith. This includes a whale and fur seal sanctuary, marine reserve, and customary fishing areas. Activities from the gas and oil industry are limited here. It’s a one of a kind hotspot of biodiversity with a variety of marine resources that New Zealand protects.

As well as seeing whales and dolphins, visitors experience exceptional bird watching opportunities. 13 varieties of albatross fly over during a whale watching expedition, and six species of shearwaters call this area their home. Book a boat tour to get the full experience. Whale watching tours are family friendly, with comfortable seating and experienced tour guides. More adventurous explorers can book helicopter tours. People from all over the world visit this site to catch glimpses of incredible marine wildlife. A campervan hire NZ will be the perfect way to travel to Kaikoura and provides a comfortable place to camp out.