Will You be at This Year’s Hokitika Wildfoods Festival?

Will You be at This Year’s Hokitika Wildfoods Festival?

Written by mighway

If you’re only able to get away for one weekend next year, you’ll want to make sure you’re at the Hokitika foods Festival. Hire a campervan and see the main events. These take place on Friday, through Sunday.

The Festival

Amazing food, live music and entertainment, even a marching band will be part of the experience of the sunsets. There are contests and prizes to win, fun for all ages and did we mention there will be food?

Food stalls

There will be at least 50 stalls of food you may have to be dared to build the courage to eat. That doesn’t mean your taste buds won’t be dazzled. It simply means you will have the opportunity to try a few things you more than likely wouldn’t on a normal weekend.

There will be venison, horse protein, whitebait and yes, even mountain oysters. The all-day festival is complete with an enormous kiddie corner, stage performances, live music and Boris the wild pig will be in attendance. That being said, you may not want to fill him in on some of the dishes you will be eating.

When to attend

As mentioned earlier, this is an all-day festival that lasts a weekend. If you are planning to attend the Hokitika Wildfoods Festival, do everything you can to be there from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon. What’s that you ask? Where would you be staying? This once a year getaway is the perfect opportunity to spend time both travelling and camping in a motorhome.

Staying overnight

Before loading up and making your way to the Hokitika Wildfoods Festival, spend some time learning what your options are concerning parking overnight in your motorhome. Will there be open spots with electrical hookups available or will you need to bring a lantern and flashlight?

What’s the situation concerning public restrooms and shower facilities? Sure, there will be plenty of food to eat and snack on at the festival. That being said, are there other supplies you will need to bring along for the trip?

Don’t forget the two main rules anytime you are camping overnight in your motorhome. Be respectful of both other people around you and the environment you are in. Keep quiet hours in mind. Pick up after yourself and don’t leave trash for someone else to dispose of. Part of the reason this festival has been taking place for over 50 years is that people in attendance are willing to follow these simple rules.