Planning a Weekend of Quail Island Camping?

Planning a Weekend of Quail Island Camping?

Written by Kimberly

Quail Island camping offers some of the most breathtaking views that you will ever find. Sandy beaches, beautiful forests and amazing coastlines are just a few of the scenes you can look forward to. Motorhome hire in New Zealand can help get you there too. Read more about Quail Island below.

Getting there

Park your motorhome in Lyttelton and take a short trip on the ferry. If you’re feeling pushed for time, you can explore this fantastic destination in a day. Don’t allow yourself to be fooled, though. This is the largest island you’ll find in Canterbury. Since you’re already there anyway, why not spend a night camping on Quail Island?

Camping on Quail Island

While camping is allowed, you’ll have to be approved before staying. If you do plan on spending the night, there are a few rules you will need to be aware of. For starters, there are no unauthorised vehicles allowed on the island. This includes the use of mountain bikes.

Also, there are no fires permitted, except for the use of a gas barbecue. Even then, you will have to be at a picnic area on Whakamaru Beach. Please be sure your trash is not left at the campsite. This island is one of the most beautiful you’ll be able to find. The goal is to make sure that it stays this way.

Explore Quail Island

There are plenty of tracks to explore while camping on Quail Island. For the most part, the tracks are regularly graded and maintained, making them enjoyable for all ages. You will want to make sure you bring proper shoes for the trip. Use caution while exploring the tracks. Many of them have new plant life you’ll want to avoid.

If you will be bringing young children with you on the trip, make sure they are always within your view. The cliffs on the island are unfenced and can be dangerous to someone who doesn’t know any better. Because much of the island is unexposed, you will want to be mindful of wind.

Also, because the weather can change without notice, you’ll want to make sure you have extra clothing with you. No, you won’t need an entire wardrobe. You will, however, need a change of clothes for unanticipated rain showers.

There are public restrooms available on the island. These can be found at Skiers Beach, the Caretakers Cottage and the swimmer’s beach. Now, you’re ready to experience some spectacular quail island camping.