Where is the Best Glacier Hiking in New Zealand?

Where is the Best Glacier Hiking in New Zealand?

Written by mighway

New Zealand offers the rare opportunity to hike glaciers at an accessible and low altitude. Whether you’re a novice glacier hiker or experienced trekker, there is a best glacier walk New Zealand for almost everyone. Visitors from all over the globe take the opportunity to explore this unique landscape. Hire a campervan for peak opportunities to take the road less traveled.

Franz Josef Glacier

This glacier is known as Kā Roimata o Hine Hukatere, which translates to ”Tears of the Snow Maiden.” There are helicopter hikes that give visitors a more hands-on and rugged experience. See waterfalls and rivers in this unique landscape.

Franz Josef Glacier originates from the Southern Alps, and it extends deep into the native rainforest in Westlands National Park. It moves at a rate of 50 cm a day.

Explore features such as ice caves, crevasses, seracs, and tunnels. Children and families find the rocky riverbed path suitable for hiking.

Aoraki Mt Cook National Park

This national treasure is home to the tallest mountain and the longest glacier. Heli-tours give visitors an opportunity to hike the glaciers directly. There are also numerous hikes to see the beautiful scenery of the area. Kea Point Track takes visitors to the Mueller Glacier moraine wall as well as the lake.

Another glacier in the park is the Tasman Glacier. It’s the biggest of its kind in the country. There are boat tours that help sightseers to get up close and personal, as well as helicopter fly-overs. Intermediate skiers might choose to ski the glacier. Guided tours are available for seeing the glacier on foot.

Fox Glacier

Ice climbing and heli-hikes are only two of the ways visitors can hike Fox Glacier. The Maori name is Te Moeka o Tuawe which translates to “The Bed of Tuawe,” a mythical warrior. It’s located in Westland National Park, and measures 8.1 miles. There is a long history of guided hikes here, with the first starting in 1928.

The valley offers scenic walks near the glacier, and there are opportunities to hike it directly. With a nearby village with ample opportunities for guided tours, visitors can explore it anyway they choose.

Nearby Lake Matheson has a short walk that takes about an hour and a half. It has photogenic views of the mirror-like lake.

Choosing to hire a campervan gives you unparalleled opportunities for adventure. Planning a trip to explore New Zealand should include seeing some of the best natural landscapes. Finding the best glacier walk New Zealand will give you a once in a lifetime adventure you will surely remember