What are Road User Charges in New Zealand?

What are Road User Charges in New Zealand?

Written by Nicole

When you hire a campervan in New Zealand, you will notice that you are required to pay a Road User Charge (RUC). What is this you ask? Campervan Road User Charges are required if you drive a diesel, or non-petrol fuelled vehicle. This fee goes towards maintaining and improving the roads, so really it’s a good thing! Don’t let this fee deter you from campervan hire in New Zealand, because it is still the greatest way to explore the country. Read our article on what Road User Charges are and how much you need to pay.

Road User Charges

The revenue collected from road user charges is dedicated to the National Land Transport Fund (NLTF). The NLTF funds road improvements and maintenance, public transport, road safety, and walking and cycling tracks.

Petrol Vehicles

You may be wondering why diesel vehicles only pay the RUC. There is currently no tax on diesel, however there is on petrol vehicles. Petrol vehicles are taxed through an excise tax on petrol. This is why diesel appears significantly cheaper at fuel stations.

How Much Are Road User Charges?

Road User Charges depend on how many kilometres your vehicle travels, as well as the weight of the vehicle and the type. For example, Mighway calculates Road User Charges post-hire. These are charged at the rate of $0.09 per kilometre driven ($9 for 100 kilometres). Electric cars are currently exempt from paying RUC until 2020.

Paying RUC

If you own your campervan in New Zealand, and you’re wondering how to pay your Road User Charges – it’s easy! You can pay your RUC online or by visiting your nearest AA motoring centre, local Postshop, Vehicle Inspection New Zealand, Vehicle Testing New Zealand or NZ Transport Agency.

Let’s Get On The Road!

Now that you have a better understanding of what Road User Charges are, you can hire a campervan in New Zealand. Don’t let this small fee put you off your travels, it’s just a simple way of assisting with the maintenance of New Zealand’s roads.