Where to Find the Best Canyoning in New Zealand

Where to Find the Best Canyoning in New Zealand

Written by mighway

If you are looking for the best canyoning in New Zealand, you may want to schedule some time for research. Canyoning isn’t always about the rush you experience from the adventure. Taking the time to slow down and take in the beauty surrounding you also plays a huge role. Campervan hire in New Zealand will add to the entire journey. Take things slow and enjoy the ride.

Regardless of how often and far you travel, you won’t find too many places in the world offering more beauty and thrill when it comes to canyoning than New Zealand. From coast to coast, you are never far from your next great adventure. Because of this, there are plenty of places to choose from. Here are two we highly recommend.

Wanaka’s Leaping Burn Canyon

If you’re in the southern lakes region, this is a must. The fact the canyon is accessible year-round makes it even more attractive. Everyone in the area knows the Matukituki River Valley was travelled by both dwarves and hobbits at one time. The valley is also known for some of the most spectacular mountain views and pathways New Zealand has to offer.

The scenery isn’t limited to the beauty of the mountains. You will be able to find ancient forests, crashing waterfalls and aline pools. If excitement and beauty are what you’re looking for, this is exactly where you need to be.

The Coromandel’s Sleeping God Canyon

It’s impossible to experience the best canyoning in New Zealand without making the trip to the Coromandel. This area wouldn’t even be accessible if it weren’t for canyoning. In an area well known by locals and tourists alike for its beauty, the landscapes of Sleeping God Canyon are second to none.

Not far south of Auckland, you’ll discover ledges which require jumping, waterfalls fast enough to frighten, and moments impossible to bare without a high boost of adrenaline. Do yourself a favour. If you’re planning on making the trip, get rid of any personal limitations you may have concerning canyoning. The most beautiful part of this canyon is conquering risks you would have thought impossible to make.

When making future canyoning plans, keep a few things in mind. How long of a trip do you plan on taking? Will you need to leave early in the morning so you can return home the same night or evening or will you have a night or two to camp in a beautiful canyon? What supplies need to be brought with you and what can you purchase upon arrival? Nothing will ruin a great getaway more than being unprepared.